The Andy Baker Tape

In October of 2020 food blogger Jeff Blake and his half-brother Andy Baker hit the road on a food tour that had the potential to change their lives. They were never seen again. This is their footage…

. . . and what a ride it is!  The Andy Baker Tape definitely does not disappoint as it checks off all the expectations early in the sub-genre and then tosses in a whole lot of surprises as a ROAD TRIP full of big egos becomes sheer and ABSOLUTE TERROR.


"full of moments of REAL FEAR and won’t soon be forgotten"

Truthfully, The Andy Baker Tape practically sells itself.  From the moment this horror gem begins with two characters that effortlessly win over the audience to its everloving edge-of-your-seat finale, this is one found footage film that is worth every second of your attention as influencer culture gets . . . SERVED.

While another in a long list of found footage horror films shot at the height of the Covid-19 lockdown, this one feels like a breath of FRESH AIR thanks to the creative team assembled.  In The Andy Baker Tape, we have two brothers - both insanely likable thanks to the captivating performances from Bret Lada (who also writes and directs the film) as Jeff Blake and co-writer Dustin Fontaine as the titular character - who disappear while documenting their food journey through New Jersey. It is a harrowing tale that is both full of laughs and screams as what begins with excitement ends with white-knuckled tension that will have you staring at the screen in disbelief.The Andy Baker Tape

YouTuber Jeff Blake (Lada) has a singular passion and that is food.  He shares it with all of his followers without hesitation, so when he sees an opportunity to land a deal with the Food Network, he jumps first.  Teaming up with his long-lost half-brother, Andy Baker (Fontaine), he plots an eastern seaboard road trip for the two of them to venture down.  While the two become fast friends, there is a darker side to Andy which begins to emerge the closer they get to Baltimore.

I don't want to spoil the surprises or the journey ahead for you, Dear Readers, so I will only suggest that the film is soon to become a CULT CLASSIC.  While similar in theme to Creep due to Jeff’s need to be liked and Andy’s growing feelings of being used, The Andy Baker Tape is full of moments of REAL FEAR and won’t soon be forgotten due to the commitment of all involved.  It is raw and intense and completely unnerving.  For fans of the sub-genre, the chills contained within The Andy Baker Tape will shake you to the core.

A multi-award-winner on the festival circuit, The Andy Baker Tape premieres on the Terror Films Channel August 5 before a wide digital on August 12 and the Kings of Horror on August 19.

4/5 stars

Film Details

The Andy Baker Tape

MPAA Rating: unrated.
70 mins
: Bret Lada
Dustin Fontaine; Bret Lada
Bret Lada; Dustin Fontaine; Caitlin Borek
: Thriller
You can't pick your family...
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Terror Films Channel and the Kings of Horror
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Release Date:
August 5, 2022; August 19, 2022
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Synopsis: In October of 2020 food blogger Jeff Blake and his half-brother AndyBaker hit the road on a food tour that had the potential to change their lives. They were never seen again. This is their footage…


The Andy Baker Tape