Mister Limbo

A payphone in the middle of the desert? Half buried in the sand? Okay. You have my attention.

Beginning with the disorientating feeling of falling, Mister Limbo plops its audience right in the middle of the desert as two strangers awaken beneath the blistering sun. It is as if they have been deposited here by an invisible hand or flicked from the face of their existence by a giant middle finger, ceasing to care if they live or die. Either way, they are up shit creek without a paddle.

"Mister Limbo and its puzzle is worth a second and third trip down the rabbit hole"

Even that payphone doesn’t work. Or does it? The existential blues are rich here, paying off in some unexpected ways.

This is the sublime beauty in the surrealism that is at the core of Mister Limbo, a well-directed movie which surprises with its cleverness; its comedy; and its fully developed emotion. Filmic, thanks to its location, and expressive by design, this film brings all of its themes into a solid thread where forgiveness begins with a long walk through the desert.

Two men. One desert. And the dialogue bubbling forth from the situation is as real as the director’s reasons for making the movie. One man (Hugo de Sousa) has obviously parachuted into this oblivion. The other one (Vig Norris) is discovered in the sand, but neither has an operating memory of how they got here. This is Mister Limbo, where days and weeks (and maybe longer) become the rhythm in this slow burn of a journey.

Terror Films have acquired director horror/comedy Mister Limbo, which also stars Valley Girl’s Cameron Dye, for North American release. To say that the leads - Hugo de Sousa and Vig Norris - are perfect for the film is an understatement. They make the whole thing work and their friendship plays out in such a sweet and honest fashion that you can’t help but feel for them. Are they dead? Or did they just party too hard at Burning Man? Even they don’t know. Mister Limbo

Writer/Director Robert G.Putka, whose first feature MAD premiered at the 2016 Slamdance Film Festival and was distributed by The Orchard, was inspired to make the film after suffering a debilitating breakdown. This is a passion project of his, but it works to create a tight narrative flow which will leave you dazzled by its lyrical motion. In fact, Mister Limbo and its puzzle is worth a second and third trip down the rabbit hole.

Nothing is defined in concrete terms, but it is all there for you to ponder over and, with the threads of a great movie already stitched in its design, Mister Limbo holds nothing back as the reality of their situation comes crashing down on all of us.

Prepare for the unexpected. Mister Limbo arrives on September 6th from Terror Films.

1/5 stars

Film Details

Mister Limbo

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
96 mins
: Robert G. Putka
Robert G. Putka
Hugo de Sousa; Vig Norris; Hugo Armstrong
: Comedy | Horror

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Terror Films
Official Site: https://www.terrorfilms.net/film/mister-limbo
Release Date:
September 2, 20200
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Synopsis: Two strangers wake up in the middle of the desert with no memory of anything - including their names. Are they dead? Or did they just party too hard? A warm buddy film at heart - but hopefully also a rumination on existential themes such as regret, cynicism, faith, and empathy.


Mister Limbo