Zero Avenue

Her name is Veronica and she lives upstairs. This Joshua learns after asking her for directions upon his arrival to New York City. Everything seems innocent at first, but the longer their “chance” encounter goes on, the more our suspicions are aroused.

And that’s when the hitting and the boner-shaming begins. Wait, what?! Exactly.

"Want sick? Want funny? Want twisted? Want a family film? Welcome to Zero Avenue"

Want sick? Want funny? Want twisted? Want a family film? Welcome to Zero Avenue, a film that is not soon forgotten thanks to its willingness to GO THERE with its morbid content. Directed by Daniel Frei and written by Braeson Herold, Zero Avenue is one hell of a film. This is the place where comedy and horror collide as one special birthday boy desires to free his mother.

Starring Law & Order: Organized Crime’s Allison Siko and Braeson Herold, in his Freakshow award-winning performance, Zero Avenue sees both Joshua and Veronica getting to know each other as they roleplay into a wild situation in which a wish for sexual domination becomes more demented the sicker Joshua gets . . .

. . . and it is all so that his mother might live again. It might start with flirting but, as Joshua falls sick, Veronica stays to comfort him, not knowing that their encounter is not at all by happenstance. He picked her for a reason and that’s not even the most shocking part of this demented family drama.Zero Avenue

Expertly shot to capture both the eerie mood and the comedy of the Bizarre which soon becomes a buffet of flesh and blood, Zero Avenue is a low budget film which reaches for the stars in its quest for immortality. It succeeds as both the actors and the content gel perfectly to create an atmospheric charmer that will leave you paralyzed by its own insanity.

Not since Psychos in Love has there been a movie this hellbent on stuffing its audience into a suitcase and leaving them covered in blood. The characters are strong and the theme is well-developed as dark corners are explored with wit and style.

Welcome to Avenue Zero, a dialogue-driven exploration into the dangers of family. The film is now available to rent or buy on Apple TV via Gravitas Ventures.

It’s good to treat yourself!

4/5 stars

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Zero Avenue

MPAA Rating: unrated.
78 mins
: Daniel Frei
Braeson Herold
Braeson Herold; Allison Siko; Bj Gruber
: Horror | Romance
Joshua gets a birthday present... Veronica.
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Apple TV; Gravitas Ventures
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Synopsis: A lonely nerd hires a dominatrix on his birthday, setting up a series of role-plays designed to convince her she is his mother reincarnate… and she deserves revenge. ‘Zero Avenue’ is a unique mashup of absurdist comedy and folk-horror.


Zero Avenue