The Ghosts of Monday (2022)

The child’s steps in the cold room are cold.  The rag doll she carries is worn.  She wanders aimlessly through the empty rooms, finally settling on an aging light through which to peel.  And, perhaps, this little girl is still here at the Grand Hotel Gula, where the stench of death clings to the walls.  This grand hotel - abandoned due to a massive poisoning - might look every bit the luxurious destination in Cyprus, but - BE WARNED!!! - all is not as it seems.

"an unnerving new horror experience in a hotel funhouse"


You will watch The Ghosts of Monday for the scene-stealing performance from Julian Sands.  Mark my words.  If nothing else about this BEYOND haunted hotel does it for you, his performance seals the deal as the shadows lurking about in the Grand Hotel Hula make their presence known.

Which is why it makes for the ideal spot to film a television pilot about a haunted hotel.  A wee bit of life imitating art, isn’t it?  The Grand Hotel Hula, thanks to its spectacular array of supernatural events, is in dire need of some attention.  Eric (Mark Huberman), a documentary director, and his girlfriend Sofia (Marianna Rosset) are there to do their best at unveiling the truth in this supernatural conspiracy surrounding the property.

And there are quite a lot of events for us to unpack.  From monsters to ghosts, killers and more, the Grand Hotel Hula is stuffed with closeted events designed to get the hairs on your arms standing perfectly straight.  Perhaps, there’s too much to properly digest which of the scares to focus on, but it remains quick on its feet as it pulls through one room after another of spooky spaces.

But, quite honestly, leave it to acclaimed actor Julian Sands (Warlock, Boxing Helena) - who at the time of this writing is still missing while hiking near California’s Mt. Baldy - as Bruce, the popular (and womanizing) host of a ghost hunting show, to save the day and make some sense of the mounting tension as spooks are captured on camera and tensions rise due to the dysfunction in the crew - as Eric’s ex-wife, and Bruce’s daughter, Sofia (Marianna Rosset, S.O.S. Survive or Sacrifice, Portrait of God) add to the dramatic dilemma among the living. The Ghosts of Monday (2022)

Once the spirits take over, The Ghosts of Monday becomes EXACTLY what you want it to be: an unnerving new horror experience in a hotel funhouse.  Co-starring Elva Trill (Jurassic World: Dominion) and Anthony Skordi (Onassis), the film solidly fills in its brief running time with a tale which doubles-down on the scares and yanks us into the shadows of its past, whether we want to join that little girl in the opening moments or not.  The turns and twists it takes are deliciously ghastly.

Directed by Francesco Cinquemani (Eye For An Eye) and written by himself, Andy Edwards (Zombie Spring Breakers, The Vampire of Soho), Barry Keating (Killer Mermaid, Embryo) and Mark Thompson-Ashworth (The Hyena, POE 4: The Black Cat), The Ghosts of Monday might not be the most original horror title out there, but why criticize it when you having this much fun being haunted?!

Cleopatra Entertainment will release The Ghosts of Monday on DVD and to VOD and Digital platforms on January 23rd.

3/5 stars

Film Details

The Ghosts of Monday (2022)

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
78 mins
: Francesco Cinquemani
Francesco Cinquemani
Julian Sands; Mark Huberman; Elva Trill
: Thriller | Horror
We are never alone.
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Theatrical Distributor:
Cleopatra Entertainment
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Release Date:
January 23, 2023
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Synopsis: Mark Huberman stars as a television director who becomes embroiled in a supernatural conspiracy after traveling to Cyprus to make a tv pilot about a haunted hotel.


The Ghosts of Monday (2022)