Guns of Eden (2022)

This was supposed to be a quiet weekend!

When a robbery goes sideways, one cop finds herself with a lot of unexpected time on her hands.  Her partner, fearing the worst for her alcoholic tendencies, has just what she needs: a camping excursion to get her mind off of things.  He means well, but - thanks to an armed militia - the trip doesn’t go as planned.

"arriving in the bloody tradition of Deliverance and the explosiveness of First Blood"

Guns of Eden moves quickly and opens with a violent beginning which has the audience seeing red thanks to the numbnuts who decide to rob a convenience store, while Megan (Alexandra Faye Sadeghian) and her partner Jeremy (Peter Johnson) are in it stocking up on supplies.  And then the worst happens and a cop is killed, only it is Megan who pulls the trigger, sending her straight to the bar after turning in her resignation.

Which is why Jeremy feels responsible for Megan’s woes.  It was an accident, but he still feels responsible.  He doesn’t want to see her spiral into self-destruction, so why not extend the invitation to her and have her go along with him, Blake (Dominic Luongo), and Gabriella (Nicole Colon) into the woods?  After all, it has to be better than sitting in a bar drinking away her misery, right?

Wrong.  Dead wrong.

And the new action-thriller from Slime City’s Gregory Lamberson, arriving in the bloody tradition of Deliverance and the explosiveness of First Blood, explains why with a no-holds-barred swagger as this revenge thriller about a group of friends being hunted by an armed militia tears up the screen on its way to its haunting closing credits.

Because what this vacationing group of friends witness while in the woods is beyond words when the local sheriff and his crackpot deputies - believing they are doing the work of a vengeful God - execute a drug trafficker right before their very eyes.  Whoops!  Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Then, this group of murderers seal off the mountain, getting an armed militia to hunt down Megan, Jeremy, and his friends.Guns of Eden (2022)

Bloody, bruised, and full of brutal takedowns, Guns of Eden doesn’t pause for very long as it decidedly sets up the baddies and the good guys and then lets all of them go at it with a ferocity that only a low budget action flick dare pull off.  Who needs character development when you’ve got a set up like this one? 

After all, Sheriff Preacher (Bill Kennedy, Attack of the Killer Shrews!, Clowns in the Woods)  and his men refuse to concede that what they are doing is wrong, so it's every man and woman for themself in this rockin’ and righteous affair . . . with guns a-blazin’!

Guns of Eden, with its fair share of awesome hand to hand combat, releases on DVD and Digital December 6 thanks to Uncork’d Entertainment.  Let the rumble begin!

3/5 stars

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Guns of Eden (2022)

MPAA Rating: Unrated.

: Gregory Lamberson
Gregory Lamberson
Alexandra Faye Sadeghian; Bill Kennedy; Peter Johnson
: Action
The hunt is on.
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December 6, 2022 (DVD and Digital December 6)
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Synopsis: Megan, her partner Jeremy, and his friends Blake and Gabriella go camping for the weekend. In the woods, Megan and Jeremy witness the execution of a drug trafficker by the local sheriff and his deputies. The campers attempt to flee, but the deputies seal off the mountain, and the sheriff gets an armed militia to hunt the strangers.


Guns of Eden (2022)