Country of Hotels (2023)

Embrace the weird. 

Welcome to the world of the unseen.  Country of Hotels is as oppressive as it is relentless in its pursuit of black humor, nutty characters, and a damn good time.  This is a film full of striking visuals, where claustrophobia bleeds out from the television set these characters seem yanked from.  Check into room 508 and never, ever leave again!

"is as oppressive as it is relentless in its pursuit of black humor, nutty characters, and a damn good time."

Smartly edited and full of interesting sequences, this new horror-mystery-thriller from Terror Films and director Julio Maria Martino, tells the stories of the desperate souls who pass through the doors of 508, a room on the fifth floor of an anonymous, decaying hotel.

The characters here run the gamut: some deserve the isolation, some don’t, but most here are screaming for purpose.  There’s tension in their faces.  The humor emits from punishing them as they find themselves dipped slowly into the craziness of this hotel.

The surfaces are stained.  The corridors are empty.  Nothing is updated in any room and the employees are overworked and just this side of normal.  And Country of Hotels doesn’t shy away from any of it either, pushing its characters toward the edge of sanity, even as fantasy bleeds in through the screen thanks to the constant interruption from the cable television in the room.Country of Hotels (2023)

With surrealism as its guide, this establishment is both haunted and sexy; providing a twist to the normal routines of the guests here.  While it is definitely hard to characterize, its driving force is toward the absurd, where things are left of center and this close to spiraling out of control.  One could easily draw a parallel to staying here and what we’ve just gone through in this pandemic.

Starring Siobhán Hewlett, Matthew Leitch, Adam Leese, Michael Laurence, and Charles Pike, Country of Hotels, written by David Hauptschein, will be available on digital platforms May 26 from Terror Films.

4/5 stars

Film Details

Country of Hotels (2023)

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
115 mins
: Julio Maria Martino
David Hauptschein
Adam Leese; Sabrina Faroldi; Siobhan Hewlett
: Mystery | Horror
Your Room is Ready.
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Terror Films
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Release Date:
Worldwide May 26, 2023
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Synopsis: A room in an anonymous hotel has a profoundly dark effect on all who stay there.


Country of Hotels (2023)