Bermuda Island (2023)

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Convicted felon Diego Montalban (Noel Gugliemi in a fun but brief role) is nothing but trouble.  So is this flight to Puerto Rico as it is struck by lightning when a storm suddenly appears altering the destinies for all aboard.  Full of a motley group of passengers, an air marshall who has no idea that Montalban is being transported on the flight by the FBI, and Tom Sizemore as a flight attendant, there is nowhere but down, down, down to go once the power goes out, shots are fired, and the mysterious storm takes over.

"as the blood begins to spurt so too does the mystery of the island"

But what waits for the survivors below?  That’s the fun of Bermuda Island, the latest hybrid horror film from the Mahal Empire, because as the blood begins to spurt so too does the mystery of the island these passengers come to.  And it has a lot in store for them.  It looks like paradise but it just might be Hell itself.

Directed by Adam Werth, written by Robert Thompson, and produced by Michael and Sonny Mahal, this action/horror hybrid is a whole lot of popcorn-munching fun.  After one hell of a crash, the survivors of this ill-fated flight to San Juan must regroup on the closest island - which has its own fair share of secrets - and figure out just how to survive the shitshow that is their tropical vacation.Bermuda Island (2023)

Starring an all-star cast which includes Sheri Davis, Sarah French, Alex Rinehart, Rachelle Henry, Niko El Santo Zavero, Tracy Obonna, Mike Ferguson, Lisa Hinds, Crystal J. Huang, John Wells, Ben Stobber, Frederick George Stuhrberg, Brian Bell, BJ Mezek, Hans Hernke, Dave Shecter, Kevin Hager, Thomas Rivas, Kimberly L. Cole, Nick Ford, Alexander Hauck, and Earl Gray, Bermuda Island is a blast to watch and hard to easily classify - which is exactly what the producers are aiming for - as action beats lead to drama at takeoff, tragedy in the skies, and survival below. Part action, part comedy, some thriller, and, finally, resolving itself as a creature feature, Bermuda Island - bringing out the soul-stirring mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle - is all sorts of fun as the survivors tend to their bruises, stare at the babes (thanks to some skinnydipping), and check out the beach, searching for food or . . . other signs of life.

Little do they know that the lifeforms on this island will not be of this world.  THAR BE MONSTERS HERE!  And what glorious fun is to be had when the attacks on the survivors begin and the creatures appear!  The sequences are grisly and full of bone-crunching battles!  The viscousness!  The payoff is all good as these survivors get more than they bargained for as this island reveals its dark, dark secret.

Bermuda Island will be released January 20th, 2023 on VOD/Blu Ray/DVD through Gravitas Ventures.  Buy your ticket to ride!  Just be wary because all is not as it seems on this tropical oasis.

4/5 stars

Film Details

Bermuda Island (2023)

MPAA Rating: Unrated.

: Adam Werth
Robert Thompson
Tom Sizemore; Noel Gugliemi; John Wells
: Action | Adventure
Stranded in Paradise... Until the Sun Goes Down
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Gravitas Ventures
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Release Date:
January 20, 2023
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Synopsis: Passengers on their way to a tropical paradise crash at sea and find themselves on a deserted island. Desperate to survive the elements and infighting between survivors, they find that the island has more in store for them than they could ever imagine.


Bermuda Island (2023)