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Alien Addiction

With squirrely attitudes at an all time HIGH, a new comedy serves up some seriously great bites of science fiction cheese and crackers as Waikato, New Zealand becomes the epicenter for alien invasions.  Call off the military, though.  All these aliens want to do is smoke some gooooood shit, pull an “Eddie Murphy”, and party all the time.

"It’s dirty in all the right places and will definitely leave you feeling . . . satisfied"


Alien Addiction begins with four friends pulling pranks on each other.  Whether having tea (in preparation for “going hard” in the evening), swinging fists as they brag about their so-called fights, or racing through the back roads, there’s nothing these four mates won’t do to or for each other.  The best of friends, ya know?  

All of this rowdy camaraderie is established early on as they mount up a three-vehicle race to the bar in order to toss out some pretty ridiculous pick-up lines to all the unsuspecting ladies.  Which means this sci-fi romp through intergalactic attitudes is going to be lewd and crude and full of some of the best f-bombs this reviewer has heard yet.  Censors, be damned!

Fans of Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste are going to devour Alien Addiction, both body and soul as Riko (Jimi Jackson), Rabbit (Harry Summerfield), Tama (Tukairangi Maxwell), and Hemi (Tane Huata), hilariously swing and miss with the ladies, but manage to find all sorts of surprises in the shower the morning after their night out as two blue-faced aliens arrive to cause all sorts of hilarity in their lives.  Smoke 'em if you got 'em and these two aliens - thanks to a hook-up from their sewer system to their alien craft - are all about smoking the good schtuff. 

I swear I haven’t laughed this hard in ages as Riko and his crazy Auntie (Veronica Edwards) - who is the first person to see the aliens via eyeballs in the toilet - discover their arrival and try to fend them off - at first - with tennis rackets and then form a pretty wild relationship with the aliens. As much as I could watch the hilarity as their friendship form forever, the plot picks up quickly as things get more complicated by way of human excrement. Alien Addiction

Because THIS small town in the middle of nowhere is about to get itself noticed in a BIG way thanks to the arrival of Alientologist Peter Mackintosh (Thomas Sainsbury) and his assistant, Saleem (Ayham Ghalayini), who have tracked the aliens and plans to capture them and reveal them to the world.  Even their part in the chaos of this spaced OUT comedy is mined for laughter as they bumble their way through the ramifications of their arrival.

Alien Addiction comes from Writer/Director Shae Sterling and with it arrives a brand new voice of science fiction comedy.  It’s dirty in all the right places and will definitely leave you feeling . . . satisfied.  The comedy orbits the US and Canada On Demand, Blu-ray and DVD starting on September 29 from Gravitas Ventures.

Get a close encounter with comedy this September with the award-winning sci-fi comedy Alien Addiction!  Get beamed!

4/5 stars


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Alien Addiction


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Alien Addiction

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
95 mins
: Shae Sterling
Shae Sterling
Jimi Jackson, Thomas Sainsbury, JoJo Waaka
: Comedy | Sc-fi
This is Good S**T.
Memorable Movie Quote: "We can do whatever we want. We are in the middle of nowhere."
Theatrical Distributor:
Gravitas Ventures
Official Site: https://www.alien-addiction.com/
Release Date:
On Demand, Blu-ray and DVD September 29
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:
September 29, 2020.
Synopsis: Alien Addiction follows Riko (Jimi Jackson) who lives in a small town in the middle of nowhere (Waikato, New Zealand). Life was pretty normal until two aliens crash landed near Riko’s house. He welcomes the aliens and together they develop an intergalactic relationship of epic proportions. Alientologist Peter Mackintosh (Thomas Sainsbury) has tracked the aliens and Riko, and plans to capture them and reveal them to the world.


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Alien Addiction