Chris Farley

They All Died at Age 33

The Full Throttle Life and Untimely Death of Chris Farley

After spending a night with a hooker named Heidi, Farley attended a party in Lincoln Park in Chicago. After the party ended, Farley and Heidi would go back to Farley's apartment in the Hancock building in downtown Chicago where the pair continued to smoke some crack and snort more heroin.

After attempting (without success) to have sex, heidi decided she wanted to be paid and be on her way. But Farley was delaying claiming that a friend was supposed to pay her. Finally, at 3:00 am Heidi left the apartment despite the fact that she could tell Farley was having trouble breathing. He reportedly yelled out for her not to leave him, but she did. The aftermath can be viewed below. Scroll down to look at the death photos of Chris Farley, but but forewarned, they are not pretty to look at. So, if you don't like seeing such things, move on.

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Scroll down to see the photos. But consider yourself warned. They are not pretty.















The Death of Chris Farley

The Death of Chris Farley

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