The Mean One (2022)

Ho-Ho-Holy shit!  Try to get through the holidays with no dead bodies, Cindy You-Know-Who.  I double dog dare you!

"fires on all cylinders as the past comes back to haunt a town plagued by really bad memories concerning Christmas"

Rewriting everything you know about Cindy Lou and The Grinch, The Mean One subverts all those merry and bright expectations with an unauthorized (I mean, the names have sort of been changed) and hilarious spin on Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas and tells the REAL story of just how the hairy, green-skinned The Mean One (David Howard Thornton from the Terrifier series) actually killed Cindy You-Know-Who’s (Krysite Martin) Mom and Pop and made her hate the holiday forever . . .

. . . until she finally has had enough and decides to fight back!

Monsters aren’t real.  Keep telling yourself that.  Because in this audacious new parody, that green troll who lives high on a mountainside over Newville, is planning and plotting his revenge that will end the Christmas Spirit forever for this town.  Forget about closure, Cindy.  The Mean One has other plans for you this holiday season . . . and it begins with finishing what he started so many years ago.

The residents of Newville must pay for all their PARTRIDGE IN A PEAR TREE shenanigans! 

Directed by Steven LaMorte with a script written by Flip and Finn Kobler, The Mean One also stars Chase Mullins, John Bigham, Erik Baker, Flip Kobler, and Amy Schumacher and pits them against the ultimate Christmas killer as one town finds themselves the victim of one green-skinned monster’s diabolical plans to stomp this season right into dust. The Mean One (2022)

Complete with a rhyming narration and an outrageous comedic spirit slipping through its running time, The Mean One fires on all cylinders as the past comes back to haunt a town plagued by really bad memories concerning Christmas . . .

. . . and it is all thanks to The Mean One, played by Terrifier 2’s Art the Clown.  That’s right, folks.  Thornton is quickly becoming iconic with his whole slasher villain roles and, as expected, he once again delivers with a performance that is sure to cement his legacy as a cult figure in horror cinematic history.  His jolly and demented performance here makes the movie a hysterical farce as his portrayal of The Grinch gets everything right . . . just a bit more deadlier. The restaurant scene - in which he colorfully SLAYS (and then SLEIGHS again) a whole mess of noisy diners is perfection itself, solidifying his cult status with hilarity and hijinks. 

And the movie, complete with its fair share of memorable characters in the town, is all the better for it.  Everyone involved has brought their A game to the cutthroat Christmas shenanigans and it shows.

Merry f%$&in’ Christmas!  Atlas Film Distribution will release Steven LaMorte's outrageous slasher parody, The Mean One, exclusively at Regal Cinemas nationwide on December 9th, with special advance screenings taking place everywhere on the evening of the 8th. Additional details about where to see it on the big screen can be found at

5/5 stars

Film Details

The Mean One (2022)

MPAA Rating: Unrated.

: Steven LaMorte
Finn Kobler; Flip Kobler
David Howard Thornton; Krystle Martin; Amy Schumacher
: Horror
Slashing Through the Snow.
Memorable Movie Quote: "What if the Christmas killer comes back?"
Atlas Film Distribution
Official Site:
Release Date:
December 9, 2022.
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:

Synopsis: In the audacious new parody, The Mean One is a hairy, green-skinned grump in a Santa suit, living on a mountain high above the town of Newville, despising the holiday season. Young Cindy You-Know-Who, whose parents were butchered by The Mean One twenty Christmases earlier, is returning to town to seek closure... but when the Mean One launches a new reign of terror that threatens to destroy Christmas, Cindy finds a bold new purpose – trapping and killing the monster..


The Mean One (2022)