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The Cabin (2018) - Movie Review

Why, yes, we are in yet another cabin in yet another wooded area where, crazier even still, insane shit goes down. Get over it, though, as there is plenty to enjoy here.  From the performances to the killer thriller teases, The Cabin (and its beyond bleak surroundings) opens its doors and, without nary a yawn, invites us in to play around with the tropes we know all too well.

And, in that fashion, this residence wins us over.  We get great dialogue between the sexes as they dissect their relationship and a local nutjob that might even creep out Norman Bates with his cat howls.  The Cabin, surprising even me with a tight script and a killer photographic sense about it, definitely serves attention from all the boils and ghouls bored to death with yuletide offerings.

"This is a tension-filled ride through a pretty horrific set of events"

But first, we must take a little drive . . .

There is truth in the escape.  The opening scene, in which a couple argue about the scenery surrounding their vehicle as it passes, establishes the ongoing problem between them.  He likes things slower and more rustic while she, rolling her eyes at every comment about how man should live, simply wants him to turn the car around.   It’s the city life for her; Green Acres this isn’t.

And then silence follows. {googleads}

This is how some couples breakup: if you listen carefully, suggests Rose (Caitlin Crommett) to her boyfriend, Harry (Christopher Lee Page), you can actually hear the sound of their separation.  Yes, the end is nigh for these two lovers.  It just isn’t how they think it is happening. The Cabin, about a vacation getaway gone incredibly wrong, is a beautifully filmed drama disguised as a horror film. 

And it absolutely nails it.  This is a tension-filled ride through a pretty horrific set of events. 

With only four people in its cast, this macabre thriller gets most of its kicks by ramping up the atmosphere and the pressure as one unlucky couple, hoping to maybe relax out in the wilds, get more than they bargain for thanks to a wacko neighbor – right across the lake - who enjoys taking a chainsaw to people while dressed in next to nothing.  Well, he does where a mask . . . The Cabin (2018) - Movie Review

Oh, yeah, and that psycho?  His name is Sven (Erik Kammerland) and he’s played by the dude that wrote the insane little flick.  With a grisly threat bubbling just below the surface and an isolated location at its center, The Cabin proves that this tired trope isn’t so tired yet.  In the right hands – everything here is directed by Johan Bodell – the concept of terror in a remote location can still cause you to shit your pants. 

Filmed in Sweden, this cold thriller is release on VOD thanks to High Octane Pictures.  Don’t miss it!

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The Cabin (2018) - Movie Review

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
86 mins
: Johan Bodell
Erik Kammerland
Christopher Lee Page, Caitlin Crommett, Erik Kammerland
: Horror | Thriller
Fear has found home.
Memorable Movie Quote: "I think this will be good for us, Fresh start. Cean slate."
High Octane Pictures
Official Site:
Release Date:
December 4, 2018
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:
Synopsis: When a couple visits a remote cabin and cross paths with a compulsive liar, their vacation takes a dramatic turn for the worse.


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The Cabin (2018) - Movie Review


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The Cabin (2018) - Movie Review