Greywood's Plot

This is not a wild goose chase. This is an earnest attempt at filmmaking... or so thinks one down-on-his-luck blogger as he trades the trust of his best friend for the eeriness of the occasion. Thing is, Greywood’s Plot! is an independent feature which trades finances for creativity and characterization and delivers a movie that is more creative than the last two Christopher Nolan flicks.

Seriously. When budgets are down, you can tell the heart of the filmmakers from what they come up with and Greywood’s Plot!, rich in practical effects, moody camera angles, is pure gold in its honest homage to horror films of a bygone era of filmmaking.


"so much fun it’s hard not to wipe the cheesy grin from your face"


Dom (Josh Stifter) is done with life in general. He sums up his pathetic life in a DVD he makes for his mother and then, struggling to figure out just where to put the revolver in order to take his own life, he discovers that he can’t even do suicide right. It is in frustration with which he gives up and caves in, finally answering his mother who wants to know what he would like for dinner.

And that’s the kicker. Dom is a full grown man, still living at home and Greywood’s Plot! is how this loser is able to change his life thanks to the spotting of a cryptid in the wilderness of northern Minnesota. It is witty, bold, and striking in just how real the characters feel, delivering a great movie with one hell of a groovy vibe.

Greywood’s Plot!, a pitch-black horror/comedy from producers Jason Goldberg (Glorious) and Brandon Waites (Followed), is a wonderfully sharp B-movie which sees two buds embarking on a journey to make a stylized creature feature even as their friendship is falling apart. It’s earnest like American Movie and easily one the best independent films of the year due to its sensational handling of the genre.Greywood's Plot

The black-and-white film premieres on digital September 16 from Terror Films. You won’t be disappointed with the wild ride, especially if you are a fan of ‘50s flicks.

Directed and co-written by Josh Stifter, this attempt at a no budget 1950's creature feature; with a modern, gory twist is a whole lot of fun, especially if you are jonesing for a fun throwback to the yesteryear of horror films. Dominic, a struggling paranormal blogger, doesn’t have a lot to offer the world, but a mysterious package changes his life and his best friend Miles (Keith Radichel) wants to see the lengths Dom will go for infamy in his crummy life.

The VHS opens with a mysterious scene in the wilderness. Suddenly, a shadow takes shape in the woods and then - BOOM - there it is: a chupacabra

Also starring Daniel Degnan (the film’s co-writer) and Nathan Strauss, Greywood’s Plot! is so much fun it’s hard not to wipe the cheesy grin from your face. Seriously. There is an intelligence behind the scenes which is well-versed in not only Creature Features, but in classic Hollywood, too. The pacing is quick. The cinematography is fire. And the acting is totally on point for what the movie is aiming for.

A rare sighting of a classic cryptid caught on tape sends Dom and his best friend Miles on a road trip to find the fabled creature -- and repair a fractured friendship along the way. Their half-baked journey leads them to a plot of land owned by an eccentric recluse by the name of Doug Greywood. As Miles and Dom’s friendship is tested by the vast and mysterious wilderness they soon find where their true loyalties lie.

Greywood’s Plot! will be available worldwide on digital platforms September 16 from Terror Films. Cult film fans are going to eat this movie up!

5/5 stars


Film Details

The Hustle (2019)

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
78 mins
: Josh Stifter
Daniel Degnan; Josh Stifter
Daniel Degnan; Kim Fagan; Samantha Kirchoff
: Horror

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Terror Films
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Release Date:
September 16, 2022
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Synopsis: After finding a tape of what appears to be a monster, two friends journey into the woods to uncover if the video was a hoax.


Greywood's Plot