Insane Like Me

Opening with some sexy vampires who are down to fang, Insane Like Me sets up quite the conundrum for a combat veteran who is returning home after a tour of duty overseas.  It seems his girlfriend, who is pregnant, has thrown a party for him in a location which - as we are informed through a pair of paranormal investigators  - has quite the reputation for missing people.  What could possibly go wrong?!

Turns out, quite a bit and this party goes tits up all too quickly.

"pretty routine when it comes to vampire flicks"

Okay, all you Spook fans, there’s a new supernatural mystery thriller now available on demand and digital from DeskPop Entertainment.  Insane Like Me, which features a town where people go missing and no one wants to talk about it, has arrived!  Full of shadows, this fun and twisted offering definitely sets the summer off with a ghostly bang.

Because, in a haunted location such as the one at the center of this narrative, can you really trust what you see?

Just ask Jake Morgan (Britt Bankhead, Call of the Wild) who finds himself in over his head when a party held in his honor turns into a bloodbath that he’s framed for.  Almost a decade later, he gets his revenge for the disappearance of his girlfriend Samantha (Grace Patterson, Moonshine Meat Market Mayhem), her brother Will (Paul Kolker, Causeway), and Will’s girlfriend Erica (Marie Wetherell, Incubated), but these vampires, being led by Jack Maxwell (Shoot It) are quite tricky, proving to be almost impossible for Jake to handle on his own. Insane Like Me

Co-starring Eric Roberts as the sheriff responsible for putting Jake in an asylum, this is one Halloween party that is anything but a hootenanny.  Low budget in its vampiric offerings, Insane Like Me makes up for the lack of dollars with some good practical effects from Anne Martinez (when we aren’t being sprayed with CGI blood) and some nice interior shots from cinematographer François Frizat, who does the best he can with the locations chosen for the film.

Co-written by Bankhead and directed by Chip Joslin, who also co-wrote the script, Insane Like Me is pretty routine when it comes to vampire flicks, offering nothing really new to the sub-genre except plenty of annoying victims, thanks to the arrival his missing girlfriend’s younger sister, Crystal (Samantha Reddy, Holiday in the Hamptons) and her friends when it is time for the score to be settled.  But some of its scenes - including extended takes with lots of planned choreography as buildings are explored and a finale which is striking in its use of Bankhead - are quite strong, even if nothing new is offered in its use of vampiric lore.

Insane Like Me is now on Cable and Digital VOD on June 4, 2024, including Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, Fandango At Home, Comcast, Dish, and DirecTV.

3/5 stars

Film Details

Insane Like Me

MPAA Rating: Not rated.
86 mins
: Chip Joslin
Britt Bankhead; Chip Joslin
Britt Bankhead; Eric Roberts; Grace Patterson
: Thriller | Horror

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Release Date:
June 4, 2024
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Synopsis: Combat veteran returns home after duty, wrongly convicted for girlfriend's disappearance. After 9 years in asylum, he's released, seeking truth and vengeance regarding her fate.


Insane Like Me