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Tales for the Campfire 3

Dark Infinity and genre filmmaker Dustin Ferguson (who is comparable only to Roger Corman when it comes to impressive B-movie offerings) have yet another horror hit on their hands with the FIVE terrifying stories absolutely crawling and clawing their way through the innards of Tales for the Campfire 3.  

"grabs viewers by the throat "

The titles are as follows: “We One”, “Cole Canyon Creeps”, “The Prisoner”, “The Bitter Half”, and “The Gateway” and they all add a new level of fun to dysfunctional for this Halloween season.  In fact, each one of these grisly and gore-ified tales takes viewers on a journey through the dark hearts of all the horrible things possible when dolls, hitchhikers, strong-willed women left alone on Halloween night, imaginary twins, and devil-riddled graveyards all gather ‘round the campfire on a dark and disturbing night.

Bookmarked by a group of terror-telling fiends - Shawn C. Phillips, Ronnie Angel, Ken May, Rebecca Rye, and Amber Bohac as “The Campfire Gang” - Tales for the Campfire 3 easily champions itself to the top of the Tales of the Campfire series of flicks with its nonstop energy and its frightful dedication to devilish delights and manic mutations.  Don’t blink.  Hell, don’t breathe as these fierce tales will swallow what’s left of your soul.

Freaks and Geeks alike are going to line-up for this cult release from Riverside County’s SCS Entertainment as Tales for the Campfire 3 grabs viewers by the throat with its engaging opening and, in spite of our best efforts to look away, refuses to let go until the final snap in its twist ending sends us running for our lives into the horrid and putrefied wind.  Tales for the Campfire 3

Made rock hard by performances from Mel Novak (Game Of Death), Noel Jason Scott (Blade the Iron Cross), Tino Zamora (Last American Horror Show Vol. 2), Lake Of Shadow’s Sheri Davis, and the multi-award winning actress Dawna Lee Heising (RoboWoman) in yet another great role, Tales from the Campfire 3 definitely adds a solid BUMP to any night of horror you wish to host this Halloween season.

Featuring famous locations previously seen in Child’s Play 2, Halloween III, House, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors and Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight, Tales for the Campfire 3 is now available from SRS Entertainment.

4/5 stars


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Tales for the Campfire 3


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Tales for the Campfire 3

MPAA Rating: Unrated.

: Dustin Ferguson

Mel Novak, Noel Jason Scott, Ken May
: Horror
The next generation of terror.
Memorable Movie Quote: "I'm going to scare the pants off him."
SRS Entertainment.
Official Site:
Release Date:
February 5, 2020
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:


Get ready for the next generation of terror! Gather around the fire once last time for five all new tales of terror! This anthology contains the stories We One, Cole Canyon Creeps, The Prisoner, The Bitter Half and The Gateway.


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Tales for the Campfire 3