Rattlers 2

Coming at you in sneaky Snake-Vision!  

Directed by the hardest working man making movies today, award-winning filmmaker Dustin Ferguson (aka "Dark Infinity") is back with his latest release.  That’s right, the director of Celluloid Slaughter, 5G Zombies, Angry Asian Murder Hornets, The Beast Beneath, and many, many others, gives us a new reason to NOT go camping in the California desert.  

"gives us a new reason to NOT go camping in the California desert"

Rattlers 2 begins with an inspired set of establishing shots as the arid hills of California are prone to all sorts of wildlife, especially the ones featured in this flick.  Those who live there, already know that something is ALWAYS watching your every footfall.  The hills ARE alive, man!  You can just feel it, but once this pit of vipers is disturbed, all bets are off. 

All of which makes Rattlers 2 so damn satisfying.  It is, at once, relatable (in that eerie sense), frightening, and full of so much creepy, crawly fun that your shrieks are bound to turn to laughter as the bodies start piling up.

With a slow and steady zoom, the tension in each shot which makes up the beginning is articulated, but to anyone who dares traverse this particular path - BE WARNED - the rocks here are deceptively loose.  It’s best not to peer too long into the abyss . . . or else BECOME the abyss.  Because these particular creatures are deadly and fanged and, as they lash out unexpectedly, their usual warnings go unheeded.  Rattlers 2

Curiosity kills, Jack.  And, no, satisfaction does not bring him back.  Unless, of course, Jack’s watching a Dustin Ferguson movie!  Rattlers 2 is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to creature feature frights and bites.  It is charged with Ferguson’s typical energy, clever in its development, and non-stop when it comes to its deft handling of the terror that comes with slithering things.

Starring Julie Anne Prescott, Peter Stickles, D.T Carney, Thom Michael Mulligan, Tatiana Larrea, and Shawn C. Phillips, Rattlers 2 follows one small town’s sheriff as he must piece together a legacy of rattler deaths that seem to be linked to a mysterious series of events decades earlier.  The snakes have returned!  

With clever references to the original cult classic, Rattlers 2 takes on a whole new batch of snakes as these mutant mothers share the screen with Mel Novak (Game Of Death), Brinke Stevens (Slumber Party Massacre), and the righteous Dawna Lee Heising (Bad President).  Alongside Ferguson’s knack for creating B-movie mythology, Rattlers 2 feels like a true sequel AND a Ferguson original, making this flick a KILLER classic almost instantaneously. 

Written by noted film historian Lee Turner, Rattlers 2 recently had its world television premiere on WGUD-TV’s extremely popular After Hours Cinema.  The movie slithers onto DVD on Tuesday, January 12th and starts streaming on Friday, January 15th from SCS Entertainment. For fans of exploitative B-flicks, this one is not to be missed.  At all.

Rattlers 2 is sometimes cheesy and sometimes goofy, but it is always loaded with great fun, great atmosphere, and makes for a fright-filled evening at home.

4/5 stars


Rattlers 2

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Rattlers 2

MPAA Rating: Unrated.

: Dustin Ferguson
Josh Price, Lee Turner
Mel Novak, Brinke Stevens, Dawna Lee Heising
: Horror

Memorable Movie Quote: "Do you know how far-fetched a giant swarm of snakes sounds?"
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DVD on Tuesday, January 12th; streaming January 15th
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 A series of fatal rattlesnake attacks in the California desert re-opens an investigation that began 45 years ago.



Rattlers 2