Cold Blows the Wind (2024)

“You said you checked his pulse!”

Opening with a wickedly bizarre incantation of sorts, Cold Blows The Wind, a new crime thriller from writer/director Eric Williford, begins most unsettling as the ceremonial chanting against a montage of all sorts of wrong between a married couple ushers in a cold narrative that is absolutely pregnant with dread and a foreboding of things to come.

"becomes an unforgettable 90-minutes of sheer terror as it hops from thriller to horror"


You see, Dean (Danell Leyva) and Tasha (Victoria Vertuga) have hit a jogger.  And they don’t know what to do with the poor guy . . . especially when, as the trunk opens, they discover that he’s still breathing.  They were driving drunk.  Tasha wants to help him.  Dean says bury him. 

Circumstances are going to make the decision for them and Dean and Tasha’s night is about to go from bad to worse.  With palpable tension throughout, Cold Blows The Wind quickly becomes a white-knuckled thriller as the audience becomes witness to a very off-putting murder (with strong gore and sharp edits throughout) and the couple finds themselves cleaning the crime scene as they discuss their next steps.

With carefully designed performances throughout, good dialogue (especially while the couple is burying the body) and a cool look to the cinematography (thanks to DP Marc Martinez), Cold Blows The Wind becomes an unforgettable 90-minutes of sheer terror as it hops from thriller to horror and then, thanks to a strong use of practical gore and a measured focus on imagery, the supernatural. Cold Blows the Wind (2024)

While burying the body in a remote location, a mysterious stranger, Jamie Bernadette as Briar, arrives at the house in an absolute panic.  Is it karma or is it something more heinous?  Whatever her angle, it can’t be good . . . can it?  Oh, it’s definitely not good for the couple and, as the situations go from domestic to more terror-filled, so too does the plot, expanding outward to include all sorts of B-movie material which is embraced here and, to a degree, championed by this independent feature.

Fractured by the accident and the murder, will the couple be able to work together to make it back to some sort of normalcy . . . or will the rift between them - aided by the mysterious stranger - lead to even more horrific mistakes?

Co-starring Torrey Lawrence (The Harder They Fall), Lion Heart Distribution is proud to be releasing Eric Williford's startling new indie thriller Cold Blows The Wind on VOD on July 2nd.

3/5 stars

Film Details

Cold Blows the Wind (2024)

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
85 mins
: Eric Williford
Eric Williford
Jamie Bernadette; Victoria Vertuga; Torrey B. Lawrence
: Thriller | Horror

Memorable Movie Quote: "You can't stay here."
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Release Date:
July 2, 2024
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Synopsis: After hitting a jogger on the road, a couple chooses to bury the body instead of calling the police. When a mysterious stranger appears -- who witnessed the crime -- things spiral out of control as the body count rises.


Cold Blows the Wind (2024)