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The Beast Beneath

Who says you can’t film a movie during a pandemic where social distancing and face masks are required?!

One of my favorite scenes in Dustin Ferguson’s The Beast Beneath happens early on.  In it, a woman (Geovonna Casanova) has just heard screams along a hiking trail and runs to help out a fallen fellow hiker.  She’s stoned, mind you.  Behind her, absolutely unwilling to hustle as she climbs a steep trail, follows her also stoned friend (Tino R. Zamora) wearing a t-shirt that reads “Tacos, Booty, And Beer” and his expression says it all.  There’s no way he is moving any faster.  

"this B-grade flick knows exactly the tone it needs to establish and it does so with a zippy attitude"


Stumbling toward a crack in the ground, he peers in and immediately gets wrapped up by a lime green tentacle and dragged down into the depths.  Cue the screaming.  Already, viewers know they are in for a fun-filled throwback ride through Z-grade monster movie territory.

Something has awoken The Beast Beneath

Clocking in at a cool 60-minutes, this B-grade flick - which features excerpts from Angry Asian Murder Hornets and The Veil - knows exactly the tone it needs to establish and it does so with a zippy attitude that draws everyone out to investigate this new hole in the world and then trapped by the tentacles!

Starring Eric Prochnau, Ken May, Mike Fergusin, Shawn C. Phillips, D. T. Carney, Sheri Davis and featuring fun cameos from Mel Novak, Alana Evans, and Brinke Stevens, The Beast Beneath - written, directed, edited, and filmed by Dustin Ferguson (aka Dark Infinity) - is designed to be an old school creature feature and delivers all the thrills, spills, and chills that we absolutely love about those flicks.  We even get a fun and twisted moment of red-tinged fury from the point of view of the monster itself. The Beast Beneath

And it all begins - as most things that involve disturbing a long dormant sea creature do - with an earthquake.  Except this quake is a biggie and splits open a large area of San Diego soil.  It’s not that remote of an area of Southern California, either.  There are a lot of hikers, partiers, and visitors to this area and - over the course of the day - several people are smacked with tentacles and pulled down into the depths.

Suddenly, monster sightings are being reported and the police are left baffled by the deaths and the disappearances.  It is obvious that they are in over their heads.  Send in the FBI!  

With cool practical effects and a killer monster puppet designed by Alexys Paonessa, who also did effects for Hacked, Meathook Massacre Part VI: Bloodline, and Drive-In Grindhouse, The Beast Beneath gets both the tone and the pacing right as monster hunters, live bloggers, and mosquitoes find their “new normal” includes a 2000-year-old behemoth from below . . . because, yes, there really is something in there and it isn't thrilled to be awoken!

And soon the discovery of this creature will have everyone in San Diego County running for their lives especially if it manages - thanks to some inept human intervention - to get loose from its hole in the earth!

The Beast Beneath is now on DVD with cool bonus features (including a scene in 3D) and is available for streaming from SoCal Cinema on Demand.

4/5 stars


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The Beast Beneath


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The Beast Beneath

MPAA Rating: Unrated.

: Dustin Ferguson
Dustin Ferguson
Brinke Stevens, Sheri Davis, Shawn C. Phillips
: Horror
A 2000 year old beast, awakened to kill.
Memorable Movie Quote: "Go out there, get a quick blood sample."
Theatrical Distributor:
SCS Entertainment
Official Site: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Movie-Television-Studio/SCS-Entertainment-110238557159478/
Release Date:
August 7, 2020
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:

Synopsis: A 2000 year old Daddy Long-leg gets released by an earthquake, resulting in mass chaos to the local mosquito population!


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The Beast Beneath