Space Wars: Quest for the Deepstar (2023)

In the mood for a fun-filled adventure?  You know, the type of Science Fiction matinee flick that Roger Corman used to make?  Well, if you are then Space Wars: Quest for the Deepstar has EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for.  Not a minute is wasted in this fun-filled, over-the-top thrill ride through the stars. 

Like The Ice Pirates and Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone before it, Space Wars doesn’t give a good goddamn if you don’t “get” it.  The cast and crew on board this crazy ship are rocketing toward something completely different and it is all a part of the low budget charm as this space adventure bounces around in the interstellar atmospheres of some pretty grand B-movie before it.

"comes out with lasers blasting and winds up winning us over"

And everyone assembled here in writer/director Garo Setian’s film is buckled in for the adventure of a lifetime!  Featuring fun performances from Michael Pare, Sarah French, Anahit Setian, Tyler Gallant, Olivier Gruner, Rachele Brooke Smith, Sadie Katz, Jed Rowen, and Elise Muller, everyone knows exactly what type of movie they are in and they are there for it, bringing all sorts of fun and energy to the madcap adventure as one father and daughter go for one more adventure through the galaxies.

Space scavengers Kip Corman  (Michael Pare) and his daughter Taylor (Sarah French) are on the run from one group of bandits after another, yet always hoping to bring Kip’s wife back from the dead.  You see, in the future, the dead can be brought back to life through a blue liquid called ESSENCE, and - because this is super technical stuff, right here - all sorts of people are after the technology.Space Wars: Quest for the Deepstar (2023)

Written by Joe Knetter, this tongue-in-cheek adventure features incredible monster designs that Harryhausen himself would give two big thumbs up to - even if they are CGI - and a whole lot of hilarity follows one escape after another as their star trekkin’ across the universe gets them involved in the type of science fiction matinee fun that Roger Corman used to make! 

This low budget affair, while suffering at times to hiccups in its pacing, comes out with lasers blasting and winds up winning us over with its constant winks and nods to lighter and brighter science fiction offerings.  Full of fun escapes and crazy characters, Space Wars is a warm slice of Cherry 2000-like B-movie pie!  Grab a fork and dig into the absolute zaniness that follows this space-scavenging father and daughter duo as they compete with an evil group of mercenaries (who need their own rock band) to find fortune and fame onboard a legendary freighter.

Interstellar civil disobedience and theft?!  Sign us up!  Space Wars is tons of popcorn-munching fun!  Space Wars: Quest for the Deepstar will have a limited theatrical release in April, with a digital release on May 2nd and May 9th to DVD.

4/5 stars

Film Details

Space Wars: Quest for the Deepstar (2023)

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
90 mins
: Garo Setian
Joe Knetter Garo Setian
Michael Paré; Olivier Gruner; Sarah French
: Sci-fi
Quest for the Deepstar
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Theatrical Distributor:
Uncork'd Entertainment
Official Site:
Release Date:
April 21, 2023
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Synopsis: Life is an adventure for space scavengers Kip Corman and his daughter Taylor as they navigate their ship through a universe filled with monsters, aliens, and robots in order to reach the mythical Deepstar and collect the riches within.


Space Wars: Quest for the Deepstar (2023)