“It’s going to go dark now, so don’t fight it.”

Writer/Director Robert Conway’s take on werewolves is pretty interesting.  Low in budget, but high in ideas, Hellhounds reimagines a war between humans and lycanthropes on motorcycles and kicks up a whole lot of desert dirt thanks to its strong violence and its use of human wreckage.

"isn’t out for anything but a good time and, thankfully, it shows"

Hellhounds posits one pack of werewolves as bikers at war with another biker gang, the Silver Bullets, who are damned fanatical in their pursuit of ridding the earth of any howling mutts.  Get it?  I am sure you do.  These two groups of bikers roam the country in an eye for an eye spirit and, appearing to anyone who is not one of the sworn members of these rival gangs, as merely bikers hellbent on kicking up a whole lot of carnage on their path through the desert.

Now, one of the last remaining Hellhounds, Alias, wants his revenge against Lucella, the woman who double-crossed his breed.  Like I mentioned earlier, the revenge plot works as Hellhounds limits its cast and is rather cool with the effects.  There are transformation scenes, but they are low-key and shot with the bulk of the transformations happening off screen.  It works nicely and when we do get to see a werewolf, it is detailed as expected.

Starring Nathaniel Burns, Eva Hamilton, Cameron Kotecki, and Dana Kippel, there’s a decent devil-may-care attitude to the fights, the nudity, and to the story itself which is a bit refreshing when you have been overloaded with Oscar bait this season at the movies.  Hellhounds isn’t out for anything but a good time and, thankfully, it shows.  From wild bars to the low of the high country, this movie is all about getting the edge off of its audience with locally brewed IPAs and some good ol’ revenge. Hellhounds

While the acting is fairly raw, there is a lot of urgency to the happenings as Alias finds himself getting a makeshift team together to take on the Silver Bullets as the spirit of the hunt turns into a bloodbath.  Literally.  From cool practical effects to a surprising amount of gore, Hellhounds is a pretty fun ride beneath the moonlight.    

Gain the power of the Hellfire!  Hellhounds, thanks to Uncork’d Entertainment, lets the fur fly on digital January 9th.

3/5 stars

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MPAA Rating: Unrated.
90 mins
: Robert Conway
Robert Conway
Anna Harr; Eva Hamilton; Amelia Haberman
: Horror
The Streets Will Run Red With Blood.
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Release Date:
January 9, 2024
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Synopsis: A pack of werewolves known as the Hellhounds wage a war against a fanatical order of werewolf hunters called the Silver Bullets. The Hounds and the Bullets now roam the country appearing to the outside world as rival biker gangs. After all his brothers and sisters are wiped out by the Bullets, the last remaining Hellhound, Alias, embarks on a bloody quest of revenge. The hunt is on!