4 Minutes of Terror: Death Throes

Now, this is how you reinvent horror with a unique (and current) vibe! 

Written and directed by Nicholas Michael Jacobs (4 Minutes of Terror: Night Slasher) and, once again, featuring The Freak, Death Throes is an animated horror short which fits in nicely with his new 4 Minutes of Terror banner, proving once again that Jacobs’ voice is an important one in celebrating all things horror.

"smartly realized and visually captivating"

The animated short opens with the crackle of lightning and booming of thunder as a couple of goons are digging up the grave of a recently deceased woman.  Rufus and Spike might not be the smartest grave robbers to ever grace the screen, but they are dedicated.  They want the necklace this veteran was buried with for their own ill-gotten gains.  The problem is that this military mama is the rightful owner of said property and also wants it to remain with her body!4 Minutes of Terror: Death Throes

Voiced by Jordan Jacobs (as Rufus) and Nicholas Michael Jacobs (as Spike) and with detailed animation from Imam, Death Throes is smartly realized and visually captivating as a cemetery becomes a sudden war zone for the supernatural.  The 4-minute offering of horror is both gruesome and funny, proving Jacobs has a solid grip on the tropes - even in animation - with an eye for motion, set design, and characters.

The colors are bright and realized with both a flair for depth and for atmosphere and the characters - while few in this four-minute short - are good representations of clueless dudes who are blinded by their own greed . . . even in the face of the supernatural!  

As this is merely the second short in the series, we can expect more!  Which is a damn good thing.

4/5 stars

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4 Minutes of Terror: Death Throes

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
4 mins
: Nicholas Michael Jacobs
Nicholas Michael Jacobs
Nicholas Michael Jacobs; Jordan Jacobs
: Short | Horror | Animation

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Synopsis: The Freak presents to you a tale about two grave robbing simpletons that soon realize why you shouldn't mess with the dead.


4 Minutes of Terror: Death Throes