FlatlinersFright Night. The Gambler. Footloose. What connects these films? They are all among Hollywood’s plight to remake anything and everything. So it’s no surprise that Columbia Pictures has a remake of Flatliners in the works, alongside Further Films who produced the original.

The darkly imaginative 1990 film, directed by Joel Schumacher (Twelve), dealt with a group of five young medical students determined to answer life-after-death questions by subjecting themselves to near-death experiences.  Not only are they “dying” to find out what lies beyond our realm, but terrifying events from their pasts plague their waking lives. Its young, glamorous cast starred Kiefer Sutherland (Melancholia), Kevin Bacon (Crazy, Stupid, Love), Julia Roberts (Larry Crowne), Oliver Platt (X-Men: First Class), and William Baldwin (Gossip Girl – TV series).

Set to write the screenplay is Ben Ripley (Source Code).  Laurence Mark is attached to produce the film, but no word on a director for the revamp. No word on the exact plot of the project, but one hopes that if the studio feels the need to re-do a movie, then they should put some energy into the remake to make it new and interesting and not let it fall into the ever-growing abyss of films that should’ve stayed in our memories instead of becoming a messy disgrace.