The Tangle

Imagine a world connected by airborne nanotech.  It is a world full of avatars; a world without crime and, since people can travel far distances simply by speaking their destinations aloud, a world free of pollution.  Of course, because there are cameras literally everywhere, the human body itself plays host to this technology.

"keeps you engaged in its characters and its world-building, making it a thriller that is both exciting and engaging"

Now, take that world and flip it upside down, dressing it with the styles, the clothing, and the swagger of a film noir film from the 1940s, gumshoe detectives and all.  This is the BRAVE NEW WORLD of The Tangle.  

And the technology at the center of this murder mystery is not as far-fetched as it sounds either thanks to some of the innovations being unveiled as I write this.  Of course, who watches the watchers in The Tangle?  And therein lies the rub in this often poetic and always questioning new science-fiction film noir thriller from writer/director Christopher Soren Kelly, who also stars in the film.

Because when an agent of the secret Government agency that has opted out of The Tangle in order to monitor in technology “safe rooms”, all Hell breaks loose.  They might be impermeable to the nanobots that make up the Tangle, filling the air, the water, and the blood in those who participate, but the Army of Simply Purity is not free from MURDER.The Tangle

Secrets are best kept anywhere but in your Secure OnTangle Line, a quantum encrypted hard drive implanted in your brain, but when California experiences its first murder in THREE YEARS, ASP Agent Margot Foster (Mary Jane Wells) must be avenged - even if it means removing the S.O.L. from the brain of Carter Carmine (Joshua Bitton), a private detective and former partner in the designing what became known as The Tangle.

But Agents Edward (Kelly) and Laurel (Jessica Graham) must be careful.  Every question they ask leads them down the proverbial rabbit’s hole in this claustrophobic thriller that revisits the film noir of yore and mixes it with Christopher Nolan-like vibes as everyone becomes a suspect in this world of surveillance, shifting alliances, and spies.  

With only the tools of the past and whip smart, snappy dialogue at their disposal, the team of field agents find themselves questioning each other as deceits are revealed and alliances crossed.  And within this mystery, they find that tense, close quarters leads to the untangling as this CLASSY whodunit constantly keeps you engaged in its characters and its world-building, making it a thriller that is both exciting and engaging.  From beginning to end, this stylish thriller will keep you guessing as the creators become the criminals.

Co-starring Nicole da Silva in a scene-stealing role, Damn Warrior Productions in association with SitkaBlu Productions present The Tangle, on VOD March 19.  Time to question all that you know about the world and what’s in it!

4/5 stars

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The Tangle

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99 mins
: Christopher Soren Kelly
Christopher Soren Kelly
Joshua Bitton, Christopher Soren Kelly, Jessica Graham
: Sci-fi
Nothing Hidden, Violence Possible.
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March 19, 2021
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Synopsis: A secret government agency watches over the Tangle from within technology safe rooms, locations impermeable to the nanobots that make up the Tangle.Swarms of microdrones fill the air, the water, our very blood. In this world, it is impossible to keep a secret anywhere but in your S.O.L. (Secure OnTangle Line), a quantum encrypted hard drive implanted in your brain.


The Tangle