The Alternate

No one wants to be ordinary, which is why one videographer keeps visiting The Alternate via a portal he has discovered. There, in the other world, he has everything he could ever want. But is it what it seems to be?

Take the journey into the glitch with him and find out in The Alternate, premiering this September thanks to Uncork’d Entertainment.


"Crafted with creativity, solid cinematography, and great performances all around"

Produced by Jeffrey Allard, executive producer of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Alternate presents one man at war with his idealized self as fantasy bumps right against reality thanks to Director Alrik Bursell’s handling of this film’s many themes, flexing those creative science fiction muscles rather than the almighty dollar.

Jake (Ed Gonzalez Moreno) dreams of making a feature film. In the meanwhile, he’s a corporate videographer and his wife, Kris (Natalia Dominguez), tolerates his fantasies, but there’s a limit (because she’s picking up his slack around the house) and she’s reaching it, questioning all the time he spends down in the basement with his project.

That is, until he discovers a glitch in his current interview assignment. That glitch is otherworldly and mesmerizing, but what is it? When projected onto a screen, the glitch becomes something else entirely. It is most incredible, but convincing other people of its importance is going to be daunting - especially when he’s still in his robe.

No one takes him seriously. They just want him to do his job, but that glitch he discovers in more than a burn-in. It’s a portal to a different dimension in which he is living his best life. His journey there, thanks to electrical cords tied around his waist, is touch and go in the beginning, but - once confident that he can return safely - he begins spending more and more time on the other side.

And why not? In The Alternate he is everything he ever wanted to be. Hell, even his wife is more supportive over there. His boss is solid. And he has a child, too. It is a pretty damn cool place to be, which is why he never wants to leave it. But, back in the real world, does he dare show it to anyone?The Alternate

Crafted with creativity, solid cinematography, and great performances all around, The Alternate is both fun and cool, managing to balance its experience with something altogether relatable due to our own desires to be more than who we currently are. Is this the future that he’s witnessing or is it merely a distraction?

The journey is one hell of a ride, especially when he convinces his wife to join him on the other side of his discovered portal. But not everything is as it seems over there. Shocking with how things play out and every bit the fantasy it is being marketed as, The Alternate is one hell of a wild ride through the self as Jake discovers that some choices have unintended and dire consequences.

Uncork’d Entertainment is set to release Alrik Bursell’s highly-anticipated sci-fi thriller THE ALTERNATE on DVD and Digital September 6th. It is both wondrous and passionate and will challenge you to NOT think about your “alternate” life.

4/5 stars

Film Details

The Alternate

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
87 mins
: Alrik Bursell
Mark Frost, Daniel F. Bacaner
Patrice Binaisa; Phillip Caires; Natalia Dominguez
: Sci-fi | Thriller
Nothing can keep you safe from yourself.
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Release Date:
September 6, 2022
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:
September 6, 2022.
Synopsis: Upon unlocking a portal to an alternate dimension where all his dreams have come true, struggling filmmaker Jake is forced to confront his idealized self.


The Alternate