Molli and Max in the Future

And you thought Valentine’s Day was going to be a crapshoot of crummy choices at the cineplex?

Coming from straight out of left field and shot in-camera, Molli and Max in the Future has the warmth and creativity to carry you through the awfully blue Valentine’s Day doldrums.  It’s bursting with color and excitement at almost every turn and has something unique to say about falling in love . . . in the future.

"has something unique to say about falling in love ... in the future"

Made by rom-com fanatics who simply want the smile on your face to spread, this is a fun and witty mix of Futurama-like environments with the romantic spirit of When Harry Met Sally as, yes, we are talking interplanetary travel and a romance that takes twelve years and three dimensions to complete. 

Oh, and there’s also a space cult standing in between the two orbits at play here.

Starring Zosia Mamet (The Flight Attendant, Girls) as Molli and Saturday Night Live's Aristotle Athari as Max, Molli and Max in the Future is a showcase of endless creativity as handmade sets and otherworldly backdrops become the playground for two souls caught in a madcap low-fi adventure where anything is possible.  Their on-screen chemistry is one of Grant and Dunne-like quality and it’s a promising start for these two performers.

Written and Directed by Festival Award Winner MICHAEL LUKK LITWAK (The Life and Death of Tommy Chaos and Stacey Danger), Molli and Max is instantly likable and easy to fall in love with as the impulsivity of Molli (Mamet) charms its audience as she, while illegally harvesting space crystals, crashes into the custom build spacecraft of Max (Athari)  and winds up having to carry his ass through an asteroid belt and straight on to Megalopolis.Molli and Max in the Future 

As expected, the first meeting doesn’t go so well between the two.  They meet, they argue, they meet again, they fall in and out of love across solar systems.  But the fun to be had here is neverending.  And the creativity behind the scenes is also evident.  A labor of love for romantic comedies has made this one possible, my friends.  And it shows.

The celebrated indie rom-com, which world premiered at SXSW and went on to screen at BFI London, features an all-star cast of comedians, including Aparna Nancherla (Netflix's The Standups, The Great North), Erin Darke (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Good Girls Revolt), Arturo Castro (The Menu, Broad City), Okieriete Onaodowan (Broadway's Hamilton), Matteo Lane (Netflix’s The Comedy Lineup), Paloma Garcia-Lee (Steven Spielberg's West Side Story), Tony winner Danny Burstein (Broadway's Moulin Rouge), and Michael Chernus (Dead Ringers, Severance).

The film opens exclusively in U.S. cinemas this Friday, February 9th, and will arrive on VOD on March 22nd.

4/5 stars

Film Details

Molli and Max in the Future

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
93 mins
: Michael Lukk Litwak
Michael Lukk Litwak
Zosia Mamet; Aristotle Athari; Erin Darke
: Comedy | Romance | Sci-fi

Memorable Movie Quote: "I think you're in a cult"
Level 33 Entertainment
Official Site:
Release Date:
February 9, 2024
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:

Synopsis: A sci-fi rom-com about a man and woman whose orbits repeatedly collide over the course of 12 years, 4 planets, 3 dimensions and 1 space-cult. MOLLI AND MAX IN THE FUTURE takes the character-driven romance of WHEN HARRY MET SALLY and combines it with an eclectic sci-fi universe like FUTURAMA. Classic practical effects combined with cutting edge technology create Molli and Max’s unique universe.


Molli and Max in the Future