Sewer Gators

Attention all shoppers!  It’s going to be a crappy day when Sewer Gators is released!  You mark your calendars now!  June 3rd can’t get here fast enough.  Don’t believe me?  Go here and wait for the Sewer Gators to appear themselves: or at least the actors and crew live streaming the film’s debut!

"a limb-crunching, scaly new creature feature in the tradition of the classics ALLIGATOR and LAKE PLACID!"

Sewer Gators is the cream of the crop when it comes to BAD GOOD films.  Especially if you are in the mood for alligator horror comedy flicks.  Yes, forget about sharks and tornados.  We’ve moved on from that.  

Sewer Gators is so intentionally bad that it is a genius-level comedy, tickling more than just the easiest of funny bones to reach.  Grab a friend.  Hell, grab an enemy and kick back with a 12-pack and let the good times roll.  Just don’t go to the toilet alone!

Full of so much cheese and genuine good intentions when it comes to entertaining all the hounds of horror out there, Sewer Gators is definitely my brand-new jam when it comes to horror comedies.  The hour-long comedy literally ROCKS your ass right off and kicks it around the floor while you laugh as one small town in Louisiana finds themselves drowning - from ankles to ass - in drain-dwelling gators!

Chaos from the sewers?  You got it.  And only a local sheriff, an alligator expert, and an old gator hunter can help clean up their mess.  With POV shots a-plenty, this horror gem delivers comedy AND carnage thanks to a playful cast, a fun script, and some really nasty gators.

From writer/director Paul Dale (Chosen, Silent But Deadly, and Fast Food & Cigarettes), and starring Manon Pages (The Purge, Demigod), comes a limb-crunching, scaly new creature feature in the tradition of the classics ALLIGATOR and LAKE PLACID!  Is it awful?  Yes!  That's the intention of this movie and, in doing so, it delivers a modern day cult classic that - thanks to some wicked smart humor - is not going to be soon forgotten by those brave enough to seek out this slice of Z-grade monster material.Sewer Gators

These gators might have HUGE chompers, but this movie definitely does not bite - especially if you love your particular brand of EVIL as DEAD as I do, 2 (or is that TOO?).  That’s right, True Believers, Sewer Gators, co-starring Sean Phelan, Paul Dale, Charles Early, Kenny Bellau, and Sophia Brazda. is dark, demented fun by way of Sam Raimi as gators attack everyone and everything in this campy flick

No ass is left unturned!

With its tongue planted firmly in its cheek, Sewer Gators EXPLODES right out of the gates with a comical situation involving a couple, a really intense bowel movement, and a SEWER GATOR which damn near eats all of Frank Thompson.  Reggie says he got ate . . . up.  And that’s just the beginning of the bad ol’ good times!

With more to come, including a hilarious soundtrack and credits scene, Sewer Gators offers laugh after laugh of CHOMPING CGI alligator action!

Sewer Gators will be available on VOD, DVD, Blu-Ray, and collectible VHS on June 3 from the official BY THE HORNS site, here  

Don’t crap alone!

1/5 stars


Sewer Gators