Ouija Shark 2

Mystic shield! Fireball!  Pulse blast! And some really bad acting!  That’s right, Ouija Shark is back in our world!  The highly-anticipated follow up to the smash cult hit will be available on digital platforms on July 25th from Wild Eye Releasing.

Opening with a recap of everything that went down in the first film, Ouija Shark 2 wastes no time in catching us up with the Crazy (yes, with a capital C), giving us all a reason not to mess with a spirit board that just happens to wash up on a beach. 

"isn’t afraid to embrace the gonzo side of cult cinema"

This time, though, the damned shark (but, really, a puppet!!) rises from Hell itself to wreak havoc on everything that this pint-sized multiverse allows.  If you saw the original one - which was fabulously out there, but flawed!!! - we left Andy in a spiritual plane of existence where he has sworn to keep the world safe from this ravaging ouija shark, but - really - what kind of life is that?!

Which is where we start after a brief stop at Andy’s grave, with a medium’s help to try and make contact with him.  Turns out, Andy’s wife might be in over her head, even if she has some latent psychic abilities.  Andy’s psychic heroics in defeating the ouija shark caused him to completely disappear from this realm right in the psychic’s parlor, so why not begin there?!

Warning: from here on out, you are on your own because where Andy is, well, it’s equivalent to a dollar version of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, complete with actors in gorilla suits wearing goggles and a CGI backdrop which is all sorts of hilarious.  That’s right, Ouija Shark 2 isn’t afraid to embrace the gonzo side of cult cinema, which is why the original made such a sizable splash.  Both films walk the wild side of cult cinema and don’t shy away from going completely bonkers and I love them both for their non-stop lunacy.Ouija Shark 2

Starring Deborah Jayne Reilly Smith, Kylie Gough, Simon Wheeldon and John Migliore (who also wrote both films and directed this one), Ouija Shark 2 isn’t about to be erased from the afterlife so easily!  Because Andy, now a sorcerer supreme in a Hellish landscape, is more than ready for his metaphysical fight against this evil spirit. 

And this time, he is bringing some friends along to assist in the great defense against this creature!

Emerging from the deep end of the dollar budget cult classic bin, Wild Eye Releasing is proud to present Ouija Shark 2 this July!  This one, Dear Readers, is a no-brainer.  If you are a fan of zero dollar drive-in flicks, Ouija Shark saga is right up your alley! 

Prepare to be amused . . . to death!

4/5 beers

Film Details

Ouija Shark 2

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
82 mins
: John Migliore
John Migliore
John Migliore; Deborah Jayne Reilly Smith; Kylie Gough
: Comedy | Horror

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Release Date:
July 21, 2023
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Synopsis: When the Ouija Shark emerges from Hell to cause havoc once more on earth, a sorcerer with a history of fighting the ghostly great white must follow it into a multiverse hellscape for one final battle. But this time he is bringing along some friends to help send the shark into oblivion.


Ouija Shark 2