Scream (2022) - Movie Review

Just flat-out fun!

The 355 - Movie Review

Wasted talent

Red Rocket - movie Review

Thoroughly engrossing

Spider-Man: No Way Home - Movie Review

Amazing movie, spectacular even

Mass - Blu-ray Review

One of the year’s most important films

Dune - 4K UHD Review

Next big film franchise has arrived

Dune (1984) - 4k UHD Restoration Review

Remains an unforgettable journey

Venom: Let There Be Carnage - 4K UHD Review

A fun, fast-paced flick

New on Blu-ray

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Watch out for Snakes - Album Cover

Sometimes your weakness... becomes your greatest strength. An accident left you hospitalized and alone. Zero chance of survival. An ideal candidate for an experimental cybernetic implant surgery. But there were unforeseen... complications ...


Edictum - Passage Back

“These days, caused by bad prospects on many levels, 80s pop culture offers a sanctuary for numerous people, who yearn for a positive future. ...


Wolf Club - Chasing the Storm

Do you always drive by night?" She said, looking at him with a worrying gaze. "Yes." He took a drag from his half burned cigarette while gazing the city lights below. "Isn't that dangerous? Especially in your line of work?" She turned her eyes to the city ...


Ferus Melek - Decay of the Mainframe - Music Review

Mr. Franklin Kelp is a lonely man. He has a job, mind you, but it is managing paperwork and he needs not talk to other people. His co-workers, noticing the same crisp white collared shirt and slacks being worn every single day, keep their distance ...


Jack Maniak Coce 403 - Music Review

This is a landscape of ash. Dark sunrises and even darker sunsets await those who venture out into this toxic wasteland. Some occupants, too poor to afford the rent as an off-lander, have no choice but to wander below as ravagers with breathing apparatuses covering ...


Neon Black's Wet Dreams

It is a bright summer morning. Mom and Dad are at work. You have the house all to yourself. The day ahead is full of endless possibilities. Baseball at noon. Biking up to the dam in an hour. Whatever you want. But you can’t get your mind off of the mystery  ...


InquisThere is a lone figure walking the street of this nameless city. No other soul dares walk this stretch of road so early in the morning. Not when the fog is this thick. Traffic lights aren’t even visible. But this man, wrapped in a trench coat, navigates the ...


Atom Force - after-dark

Come on up to the house. The sun is setting on the beginning of a fabulous weekend. For the three girls at the center of this tale of transformation, the beginning steps of this secluded setting was easy enough. All that was required was a ...


Gor Flsh

Sssshhhh. Listen. It is there, sliding down in between the falling rain. The End of Days is pouring down upon us. There will be no escape from the twisted and tortured existence as the kingdom of Man gives way to the rise of Beasts.  ...


Facexhugger sci-fi Violence

This is the imaginary scene that plays out in my mind when I listen to FacexHugger’s new release, Sci-Fi Violence. Already a favorite on the rotation, this album is a straight up killer at establishing a mood that screams into the shadows that surround this fictionalized search party. Space doesn’t want you ...


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