Wiseguy 1980s TVWISEGUY Rebooted by NBC
The attempted revival of 80s TV continues with the recent report from Deadline that Stephen J. Cannell's series Wiseguy is coming back as a contemporary take on the disgraced former cop who cuts a deal to work undercover for time off his sentence.

The series, co-created by Cannell and Frank Lupo, this time around will be written by Alex Cary who is under an overall contract for Century Fox TV. The original series only ran for three years (1987-1990) with Ken Wahl in the lead as Vincent "Vinnie" Terranova, and even featured one of those awkward lead changes - a la Bewitched - which saw Steven Bauer replacing Wahl for the final season. But for some reason, the TV execs believe they can do it better today.

Jenna Elfman joins DamagesJenna Elfman to Join DAMAGES
Funnygirl Jenna Elfman is set to put on the drama shoes in a major recurring role on the next season of Damages. Deadline says Elfman will play an investment bank employee troubled by her company’s conduct. When she approaches Channing McClaren (Ryan Phillippe), the iconoclastic founder of a website devoted to corporate and government transparency, it lays the foundation for the case that will pit Patty Hewes (Close) and Ellen Parsons (Byrne) against each other.

The show, which has found success despite its cable network hopping ways, will go into its fifth and final season next year with Elfman joining Phillippe who was also recently added.

Jason Sudeikis joins Dog FightJason Sudeikis Joins DOG FIGHT
Saturday Night Live reg Jason Sudeikis recently announced he'll join Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis in Jay Roach's Dog Fight, a political comedy written by Shawn Harwell and Chris Henchy. Sudeikis has realize great success recently on the big screen with turns in Hall Pass and the big-grossing Horrible Bosses. He's currently in the seventh of SNL and voices for Fox's The Cleveland Show.