Netflix director of product management, Jamie Odell recently posted an announcement on the company's blog which shows they're committed to making the transition full steam ahead. And apparently, subscribers are none too happy about it. In the past, users have been able to add movies to their DVD queue from a number of electronic devices such as smart phones and game consoles. Well, no longer, says Netflix. "We're removing the "Add to DVD Queue" option from streaming devices. Odell goes on to say, "We're doing this so we can concentrate on offering you the titles that are available to watch instantly. Further, providing the option to add a DVD to your Queue from a streaming device complicates the instant watching experience and ties up resources that are better used to improve the overall streaming functionality."

Considering the direction Netflix has decided to take with streaming over DVDs, the move makes sense - despite the flimsy reasoning stated by Odell. But from the perspective of members who enjoy the convenience of being able to add a movie to their DVD queue anytime, anywhere, the move is far from a welcome one. It will be interesting to see what effect, if any, the rapid move to streaming-only will have on its nearly 18 million strong subscriber base and the company's stranglehold on the  movie rental business.

The move will have no effect on the Netflix website at all. Logging into your account on the computer, will still give you the option of adding a DVD to your queue OR adding a title to your Instant Watch queue. However, when searching for a movie on your streaming device, if that title is not available for instant watching, you will have to log into your account on a computer to add it to the DVD queue.

More than 3000 comments - mostly negative - in response to the company blog post, represent one of the most commented on stories on the blog site. But Netflix has a history of being stubborn on these types of matters and collective breath should not be held with hopes of the company reversing its direction.

Looks like online streaming is the future - our country's bandwidth be damned - and Netflix's decision may just have a sizable impact on the demise of physical media. So long Blu-ray. We hardly knew ya'.