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Tupac Shakur

On September 7, 1996, Tupac Shakur was shot by an unknown assailant after leaving a boxing event in Las Vegas, Nevada. The BMW in which Tupac was riding headed down Flamingo Road, towards the intersection of Koval Lane when a white 4-door cadillac with California plates rolled up to the passenger side of the vehicle. According to one witness, two men got out of the Cadillac and fired 13 rounds from a Glock .40 caliber handgun at the BMW from less than 13 feet away.

Tupac Shakur, sitting in the passenger side of the car, was hit three times, one striking his hip, another his right hand, with the fatal wound to his chest. According to the witness, Shakur attempted to jump into the back seat of the car as he was being shot, but the driver of the vehicle, Suge Knight, pulled Tupac down into the passenger seat. Two tires were punctured in the barrage of gunfire. Knight suffered only a minor wound to his head or neck.

After the gunfire had ceased, Knight turns to Tupac and asks "Are you OK Pac?" Tupac Shakur, after seeing blood on Knight's head says, "Me? You're the one shot in the mutha-fuckin' head!"

We were contacted by true crime author Cathy Scott, THE KILLING OF TUPAC SHAKUR, about the Tupac autopsy photo that appears below. Cathy confirmed the photo's authenticity. You can see it below.


Scroll down to view the photo (but be forewarned, it is quite gruesome. If you do not like such things, please move on.)




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Tupac Shakur Autopsy Photo

©Cathy Scott. Photo used with permission from The Killing of Tupac Shakur by Cathy Scott.

As you're not likely to find a more knowledgeable source on the subject of Tupac's murder, we recommend you pick up a copy of Scott's book that contains the autopsy photo here.

Read about the timeline of Tupac Shakur's Death here.

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