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Stieglitz - Album Cover


Getting lost in the cemetery was not Haley’s idea of a good time.  Damn it, Frank, she thought to herself as she untangled her tennis shoes from yet another thorny patch of weeds.  A girl has her limits.  And, out here on a moonless night on Friday the 13th is it for her.  There would be no second date.  She picked the weed from her pink socks and straightened up.

There was a noise from behind her.  At least she thought it came from behind her.

Enough was enough.  Frank was too far ahead to hear her anyway.  The bastard.  She turned and headed back to the car.  She didn’t care how chiseled his jaw was.  Frank Steele can go straight to hell, she thought.  The joke is over.  And so she marched away.

“Hey, you.” 

The voice cut through the stiff August air.  Haley knew she wasn’t alone.  The deep voice confirmed it, but who was there?

“Little girl.”

There it was again.  Haley was frozen in fear.

“Frrrrannnnnkkkkk,” she hissed. 

“Frank’s dead.”

She stopped. 

“And soon you will be joining him.”

That’s when Haley started running away from the living dead.

5 notesMetal! Madness! Melody!

 Truthfully, there is an inherent intensity to For the Love of the Living Dead and it matches the furious running of Haley as she attempts to outrun whatever demon of the night is behind her as it breathes down her neck.  This feisty debut from Belgian artist Stieglitz is a promising one indeed.  Listeners get the solid crunch of chugging guitars as synthesized stylings trickle in and out of a nightmarish landscape where anything, including the moans of Zombie Witches, are possible.

And just look at that stylized cover art.  There is a golden-throated B-movie buried in this release.  And it actually holds its own against the colossal blows of b-grade horror flicks from director Lucio Fulci. And, yes, there is a song entitled “Zombie Witch” and, yes, it does in fact rock.  So many tracks on this release do exactly that.  Your ears might melt from all the shredding.


"The music in this new release from Jet Set Trash pulsates with a slick sickness that is bound to earn bonus points for being completely twisted and absolutely brutal."


The music in this new release from Jet Set Trash pulsates with a slick sickness that is bound to earn bonus points for being completely twisted and absolutely brutal.  It is also, and this is evident early on, an album that is truly cinematic in its listening arch.  The emotion is real and so too are the high octane moments of synthesized carnage.  Want an LP to rage alongside with?  Look no further than here as “The Night Ripper” will have you headbanging in no time. 


gets done to business early on in For the Love of the Living Dead thanks to the opening shock rock of “Sunset Sanctuary” and the producer never lets up.  If this release were a chainsaw it would be powered by the blood of every limb it cuts through.  That’s how deadly this 12-track collection of cinematic killing is.  Guns blast in “Neon Nightmare” as the synths take their deadly aim and deliver a theme that is emboldened by its ruthlessness.


 And we haven’t even begun to digest the intensity that is “Demonic Possession” at all.  Looking for a way out of this nightmare?   This song, with its crucial keys and driving beat, isn’t the safe route home. 

This composer knows his way around bloodbaths and, thanks to the orchestrations here, it is easy to see why.  This release - especially in the latter half with songs like "You Will Never Take Me Alive" and "Taste of Blood" is the landscape of Horror soundtracks.  It’s all In the Mouth of Madness-like and, should there be any doubt on its intentions, just plug into the stylized synthwave of “Ghosts in the Attic” and sit back.  The hair on the back of your neck isn’t the only thing rising.  Check the cemetery for bodies if you dare!  This is where funk and metal meet and make babies.  Seriously.  Your answer to what that ungodly creation looks like is tangled inside the magic of "Disco R.D." and its unearthed nastiness. {googleads}

Turns out, when it comes to the thrills of Stieglitz, there is no escape.  Be warned and be afraid!  With solos this badass, there is only one thing to do: ROCK ON!




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