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Paintball Massacre

Why would anyone attend a high school reunion?  Let the past be the past, you know.  That’s the question posed by the bartender at the reunion which takes center stage in Paintball Massacre, a new horror film from Uncork’d Entertainment, which arms its participants with house-guns only and a clever sense of humor.

"while low in budget, it aims to please with its dark, dark comedy and content"

Forget the surrender rule!  Shooting each other at point blank range, while not encouraged, is not reason for removal either.  Sounds like a good time is bound to be in the works here.  With some clever humor early on and all the right kills later, Paintball Massacre is the escape we need from the Hallmark Channel this holiday season.

So, yes, maybe it is the paintball trip which rounds out this high school reunion as a group of so-called friends from the days of reading, writing, and arithmetic get together to see what everyone has been up to - besides gaining weight - since the day of their collective dismissal.  They all seem out of sorts with each other anyway.  Time to work out some aggression?

No one gathered at the bar on the eve before the “hunting” expedition seems happy about the event and, as the evening wears on, are only looking forward to blasting each other in the face with some paintball pellets. Paintball Massacre 

Directed by Darren Berry, in this his feature debut, from a screenplay by Chris Regan (London Heist; Warrioress; Ten Dead Men), this dark comedy - where the alcohol runs liberally and quite freely - takes an even darker turn when a masked serial killer starts taking out members of the reunion.  Suddenly, this “fun” get-together doesn’t feel so grand after all.

Starring Katy Brand, Lee Latchford-Evans (Dead Ringer; The Rizen; Cash and Curry), Robert Portal (Tales from the Lodge; Eat Locals; The Huntsman: Winter’s War) and Nicholas Vince (Book of Monsters; The Black Gloves; Nightbreed; Hellraiser and Hellbound), the members of the reunion, when they aren’t throwing up, team up to fight against a more prepared team in an 8 vs 10 situation. 

But their fight against this better team is quickly suspended when something or someone wipes out the opponents.  Quite suddenly, decking the halls with parts of Charlie seems rather sublime compared to the massacre they get to witness.  Time to sober up! 

With the rules of the paintball engagement thrown out the window, the comedy gets yet another shot in the arm as the kills begin to mount up, providing some gruesome images as the ragtag team must go toe-to-toe with a masked killer who seems to outmatch them in every way possible.  Suddenly, they all wish they had their phones because, miles away from civilization, their only chance for survival is depending on each other . . . which is something none of them want to do.

It’s not a real bullet.  It’s just paint, right?  Riiiiiiiiggggghhhhht.  Paintball Massacre has the answer you need.  The movie will be released on DVD and Digital on December 15th 2020 by Uncork’d Entertainment and, while low in budget, it aims to please with its dark, dark comedy and content. 

Suit up, players!  There's a killer on the battle zone!

3/5 stars

Paintball Massacre


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Paintball Massacre

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
98 mins
: Darren Berry
Chris Regan
Katy Brand, Lee Latchford-Evans, Robert Portal
: Comedy | Horror
Get Redy for a Deadly Reunion.
Memorable Movie Quote: "Why would anyone in their right mind attend a school reunion?"
Uncork'd Entertainment
Official Site:
Release Date:
December 15th, 2020
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Synopsis: Old school friends go on a paintball trip, miles away from civilization. Things go horribly wrong when they discover a cold-blooded masked killer is among them. Now they must fight to survive their school reunion.

Paintball Massacre

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