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Connected: Echosythetic FestImagine it.  Close your eyes and set the scene.  You are alone on the highway.  Maybe this is a highway through a glorious city of neon lights.  Maybe it is a desert highway with only dunes and starry skies above.  Regardless, you are solo on this night and the destination ...

greyskull logo

The boy wakes up. His hair is a mess that no comb will be able to contain.  Dirk the Daring, the best knight in the kingdom of King Ethelred, stares back at him from his wall.  The kid, a little pudgy around the middle, flexes in the mirror before slipping on his shirt.  He goes down the stairs.  His Big Dog ...


omnitech coverart

Without a doubt, OniTECH sounds as if it – in cassette form – was found clutched in the fingers of a well-dressed corpse that washes ashore some ashen beach on the east coast.  This release is a dark and disturbing thread of truth that hints at a bigger mystery  ...


Computronic's Even the Score

 Insert coin.  Push play.  Wrap your hands around the joystick and let Computronic’s Even The Score tale you back to the glory days of playing Atari for hours on end.  Whether at the local skating rink or at home in front of the Atari 2600, the hours spent there never seem wasted.  They are, as one song on this cycle suggests, etched “forever in my mind” ...



Love Bites - Vampire Step-dad

Love Bites by Vampire Step-Dad is a modern day classic of the synthwave genre. I don’t suggest that lightly either. As a fan of outrun or whatever you want to call it, I am well aware that there have been several releases in the past couple of years that deserve attention but none, if I am to trust...



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