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Just flat-out fun!

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Wasted talent

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Amazing movie, spectacular even

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One of the year’s most important films

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Dimi Kaye's Dangerous

Do you always drive by night?" She said, looking at him with a worrying gaze. "Yes." He took a drag from his half burned cigarette while gazing the city lights below. "Isn't that dangerous? Especially in your line of work?" She turned her eyes to the city ...


DREDDD Black Goat Pt 2

It is the roll of thunder against an open sky. Booming into the distance with a machine gun-like progression of beats and noise. This is the sound of the future. Dark clouds are gathering above. It is as if the lone figure thrashing about below them has ordered this congregation ...


Dream Shore - Resilience

 "In the day, a place of dreams and leisure, surrounding the city with glamorous subtropical paradises. At night a place of mystery and adventure, where the city streets hold wonderful places to visit with neon lights and art throughout the area.  Near the ocean shores of Miami Florida, Dream Shore "

Ididor: Lord of the Synth - What you Need

"It was the year 3218. Life on Earth has changed. The era of transhumanism was upon us. Extreme breakthroughs in human augmentation led the Earth's nation into a frenzy. The transhumans were starting to attack the humans in an attempt to purge the nation believing that humans were ..."


Le Louvre - Music Review

A man with a slick hairstyle, neat and clean around the edges, chomps down on a loaded burrito. He’s standing at the corner of a crowded street. Some of it falls to the cracked sidewalk at his loafers. Thankfully, it misses his suit. The other cop, in a Hawaiian shirt and cool shades, grimaces ...


DREDDD Black Goat Pt 2

Braddock, Pennsylvania. A young man, sensitive to the sunlight, has moved to the neighborhood. This is an idyllic area of this blue-collar town. Children play in fenced-in yards. Families picnic on the weekend. Sundays are honored with church attendance. And, on Monday, the adults go ...


Glitch Black's Emergent Behavior - review

There is a war raging. Endless. Brutal. Lasers pierce human flesh. Severed hands, heads, and feet lay intertwined in piles of wires and plastics. The smell of burning flesh is overwhelming and the screams STILL echo down the stairs and through the air ducts. There is no safe space. There is only fear, stale breath, and the sound of machines busy at their dark work ...

Gregorio Franco Cover Art

There is a darkness to this place. A Hellhole that infects everyone. It spreads like cancer, covering everything in a sticky stain of venom ... with just a hint of nihilism.

Look closely and you will see a small child, its sex is indeterminable, but its fear is not. The child shivers. It is up against a cold steel wall.  This strange place is not unlike a cage. A silent scream is frozen in its expression and its eyes.


One release.  Three songs.  Fifteen minutes.  And I can't stop grinning.  This is good; this is real good. The synthwave scene NEEDS this release. There is a hunger heard in Lyde’s expertly organized arpeggiations; a fierceness of raw power that stealthily decimates all would-be contenders. Not that there isn’t ...


CoverThe plane shoots out over the Pacific Ocean and angles ever so slightly. I look down. It is dark but you can see that there are piers below; long stretches of wood in man’s attempt to walk on water. The dark green of the ocean reflects upwards; rippling as the waves roll against the endless wall of ...


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