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Just flat-out fun!

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Wasted talent

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Thoroughly engrossing

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Amazing movie, spectacular even

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One of the year’s most important films

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Next big film franchise has arrived

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New on Blu-ray

original synths banner

Neon Nox - Syndicate Shadow

Welcome to the Daytona 500, the Superbowl of motor racing,” the announcer’s voice booms onto the track. “Pace Yourself,” Jon “Neon” Nox says as a reminder.  He tightens his grip on the steering wheel and notices for the first time that afternoon  ...


Dream Shore - Another Time

Another Time", is a story behind multiple situations that all people deal with daily, such as relationships, struggles in life and the need to be more then what we currently are. Within time we eventually find what we've all been looking for, to belong, to ...


Blaze of Gunfire - Summer Nights Album

Tim Ashburg, curly-headed and face full of freckles, closes his eyes.  It’s been a day. The first day back is always rough. But, as a sophomore, there’s something different.  His high school sucks. And the homework is just ...


Stieglitz - Album Cover

Getting lost in the cemetery was not Haley’s idea of a good time.  Damn it, Frank, she thought to herself as she untangled her tennis shoes from yet another thorny patch of weeds.  A girl has her limits.  And, out here on a moonless night on Friday the 13th  ...


ByteMapper's Devil on the Dancefloor

"Dan Dare, a high school freshman in love with a junior, knows that he has to do it.  He must make his presence known to the girl of his dreams  ...


Die Scum Inc. - Everending Summer

Do you always drive by night?" She said, looking at him with a worrying gaze. "Yes." He took a drag from his half burned cigarette while gazing the city lights below. "Isn't that dangerous? Especially in your line of work?" She turned her eyes to the city ...


LA Nights - Save the City

This city breathes steel and spits fire.  It is a dangerous place where even the strong struggle.  But it is not without melody.  You hear its voice caught falling from the night.  Sleeping with the windows open, you feel fully aware and alive.  The highs in its  ...


Occam's Laser New Blood - Music Review

What if a form of control was manufactured through a synthetic new blood. Recipients of this blood would only find out too late to change their fate. Pumping cautiously through the veins of its host; taking hold like the gentle ebbing of the tide. Imprisoned from the inside, there’s no chance to escape the New Blood ...


MacReady's 2600- Music Review

2600 is an expedition to the deepest reaches of space and time in search for past glory days that may not even exist. Does this leave the future destined for dystopia, or will a shred of hope be found at the end of this journey?”...


Darknaut Afterdark Machine - Music Review

It was due to the constant sense of moving.  That’s why Scott Anchors became an astronaut.  He dreamed of bursting through the force that held him in place for so long.  He never thought it would end up like this.  Captured.  Probed.  Studied.   ...



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