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adam ford

You need to know that Adam Ford is no longer a detective from Los Angeles.  This was the case with Los Angeles Cold Night.  You also need to know that his wife, having met her in the prequel release Miami Dreamscapes, and his child ...


Abstract Void - Back to Reality

Abstract Void shouldn’t work.  This project, exploring the dark and atmospheric place where black metal and synthwave unexpectedly meet, is; however, ABSOLUTELY thriving.  This is made evident by the arrival of Back to Reality, the second sonic  ...



As a fan of the horror genre and of soundtracks in general, I have long been aware of Cœur’s output. The sounds that Levi Miah produces are haunting gems that absolutely deserve images to go along with them.  They are passionate and thoughtful, telling  ...



Damn.  Listening to music is not unlike taking a journey to some unknown destination.  From the exhilaration of new sounds to the emotions contained within each song, there is certainly a thrill there.  Baldocaster, for his ...


. . and, boy, did the lineup on Saturday night ever deliver.

Echosynthetic Fest 2018 - Unholy Rat KingFrom the very moment the stage darkened, we stood transfixed.  Anticipation practically dripped from the ceiling.  The audience was charged-up and anxious.  We were about to witness chiptune history.  THE Unholy Rat King, making his live debut...

Echocynthetic Fest 2018. . . and then the stage dimmed.

Only one figure was seen walking through the darkness. This woman, with long flowing hair and a gorgeous voice, stood ready at the keyboards. Glitbiter, hailing from Los Angeles, kicked off the two-nights of

Echosynthetic FestIt was a cold and wet night in Atlanta, Georgia. My flight had arrived in the early afternoon and nothing much had changed weather-wise; even my bones shivered from inside my leather jacket.

You wouldn’t know anything about that wintery weather from inside The Earl

Zero Call

A warning. We aren’t prepared for the journey through the electronic ages that is Zero Call’s Fears and Dreams of Living Machines. The electronic canvas revealed here is expressive and vastly layered, echoing into the far reaches of this  ...


Motion Epic - Midnight

The sparkling keyboards! The percolating rhythms!  The neon!  And the voice.  Yeah, that smoky-toned voice.  The 1980s are alive and well thanks to the nostalgic work of The Motion Epic.  Their moody debut album, dropping from Business Casual ...


Night Machine: Themes of the Dead

Maybe it is the choral voices that makes the chill of the introductory track, “Themata Ex Mortuis” so effective or perhaps it is the slow burn of “Old Dust (The Crypt)” as an environment is unleashed for our imagination to prowl upon.  Whatever it  ...



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