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Writer/director Julia Ducournau’s sophomore feature film, Titane, is definitely one of the wildest and most shocking films that you will ever see…but in all of the best ways. You will squirm. You will grip your arm rest. You will even spew out many “No”s at the screen (trust me, I did the same). But the way in which this film manages to subvert any expectations that you have is unmatched. In fact, if you have any expectations at all, throw them out of a window. You are not ready for the masterpiece of Titane!

"truly a one-of-a-kind, visceral experience that will be permanently stuck in your brain for years to come (whether you like it or not!)"

At this point of the review, I would usually give you decently-sized summary. But to do so for this particular film would, frankly, be an injustice. So, I will give you the bare minimum. Alexia (Agathe Rousselle) is an adult dancer who, since a young age, has had a…strange affinity for cars, and in the first act of the film, she ends up on the run for some crimes she commits. While on the run she meets Vincent (Vincent Lindon), and they form a rather interesting relationship. Well, that is all I am going to give you, and is probably too much information, honestly. But my advice is: Go in as blind as you can. You won’t regret it.

This film will endlessly surprise you, but not just in its disturbing visuals – which are, of course, just stunning, from its cinematography to production design to make-up and costumes. Yes, you will cringe in discomfort, but you will also laugh at its dark humor and even fall in love with its moments of tenderness. Additionally, it is a great exploration on the themes of feminine sexuality, gender identity, and more. It is masterfully written, shot, and directed. 

Rousselle’s performance as the disturbed and powerful Alexia is excellent. She absolutely demands your attention and forcibly maintains it for entirety of the picture. Even in times of true vulnerability she never steers away from her true powerhouse performance. Lindon’s performance is perfect in being both vulnerable and slightly terrifying in his characters struggles of acceptance, loneliness, and desperation. The two stars’ chemistry should not work at all, but it weirdly does.Titane

With this film, and with her feature debut, Raw (2016), Ducouranau is pushing and shattering the boundaries of the horror genre. Underneath the grotesque exteriors, both of her feature films explore themes that many can identify with. They are so much more than just the advertised body-horror films. The stories are (hopefully) fictional, but the feelings are not. Truth be told, her films are certainly not for everyone – certainly not for the faint of heart – but many film fans, I think, will hold them in a very high regard. I certainly cannot wait to see what she has in store for us next and for the rest of her filmmaking career.

Titane is truly a one-of-a-kind, visceral experience that will be permanently stuck in your brain for years to come (whether you like it or not!). If you think you can handle it…then get ready for an insane ride. And PLEASE see it on the biggest screen possible!

Titane is now playing is select theaters. Buckle up.

5/5 stars


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MPAA Rating:
108 mins
: Julia Ducournau
Julia Ducournau
Vincent Lindon; Agathe Rousselle; Garance Marillier
: Sci-fi | Thriller
A film by Julia Ducournau.
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Theatrical Distributor:
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Release Date:
October 1, 2021
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Synopsis: R for strong violence and disturbing material, graphic nudity, sexual content, and language.




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