PULP FICTION, JACKIE BROWN, THE CROW Finally Coming to Blu-ray in October

Pulp FictionSeveral more hi-def holdouts are about to take the plunge into blu within the coming weeks. Specifically blu-ray releases of two long awaited Quintin Tarantino titles, Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown, and the Lionsgate 1994 Brandon Lee film, The Crow are now available for pre-order on Amazon.com at the very much appreciated price point of $13.99 each.

Lionsgate says The Crow, which is largely remembered as the film in which its star, Brandon Lee was accidentally shot during filming,  will hit the streets on October 18th of this year, while Miramax has announced the release date of Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown, the only two remaining Tarantino holdouts, for the 4th of October.

The CrowThe Crow will reportedly include the following features:

Jackie BrownJackie Brown will include:

Pulp Fiction - Blu-rayand Pulp Fiction is said to include the following features:

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