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Spy Photos of Kent Family Farmhouse for Snyder's MAN OF STEEL?


Superman LogoWe're still trying to verify the authenticity of the following photos, but if they pan out to be authentic, they are a pretty cool first look at the Jonathan and Martha Kent farmhouse being built in Plano, Illinois for the upcoming Zack Snyder reboot of the Superman franchise, Man of Steel. The photos come to us courtesy of Superman Homepage.

Of course The Kent's would be the adoptive family of Clark Kent (a.k.a Superman) and the small town would be Smallville, Kansas where the young Kent was raised with typical small town, rural American values.

A couple of things give reason to doubt the authenticity of the spy photos. First, would they really weatherize the structure with Tyvek wrap knowing it was only being built as a temporary structure for a movie set. Secondly, it's hard to imagine there aren't already enough farmhouse structures with owners who would be more than delighted to rent out for the shoot. However, there are an equal number of valid explanations that would provide logical counter to our concerns of illegitimacy, so feel free to form your own opinions. In the meantime, enjoy the speculation and relish the possibilities! And keep your fingers crossed it's not just some guy's farmhouse in Iowa being weatherized for the coming winter.

We'll know for sure once the iconic windmill goes up and the word "Kent" gets painted on the mailbox.

Clark Kent Family Home

Clark Kent Family Home

Clark Kent Family Home

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