Chris Diamantopoulos offered role for Three Stooges Movie

Having previously settled on Larry and Curly, the Farrelly Brothers have apparently found their Moe. 20th Century Fox has reportedly approached TV actor Chris Diamantopoulos about the coveted role of the mop-top Stooge for their forthcoming modern update of The Three Stooges.

Actors Sean Hays and Will Sasso are signed on to play Larry Fine and Curly Howard, respectively while Sofia Vergara is in negotiations for the female lead.

Variety states that Diamantopoulos, best know for his role as Rob Weiss in the cable action series 24, has tested for the role but an offer has yet to be extended. Just a matter time though as the studio is anxious to move forward after numerous delays for various reasons.

The Farrelley's will reportedly take a somewhat unconventional approach on the film by presenting it in three half-hour segments to mimic the Stooges' original short films.

That's all fine and dandy and we wish them all the success in the world, but moving forward on this without a big name star attached is a very risky move. Such draws as Jim Carrey, Sean Penn and Paul Giamatti have each shown varying degrees of interest in the movie at different times, but all passed. So, it's off into the looming darkness of potential box office failure with a no-name bill and prayers that Stooge-loving baby boomers can float this thing to success. Good luck!