Though the release is said to be similar in content to what the company released in November of 2006 on DVD, this time around all will be presented in sparkling blu-ray.

The Collector's set will reportedly include all 5 Superman films and tons of extras spread across the 7 discs included in the box. The films said to be included are the four Christopher Reeve installments: Superman (1978); Superman II (1980); Superman III (1983); and Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987); as well as the Bryan Singer reboot, Superman Returns.

Of course Superman I, Superman II and Superman Returns have already been given the blu-ray treatment, so it will be nice to finally get to see III and IV in blu-ray. No official word on the extras to be included.

Release specifics - including a launch date - can't be confirmed, but since  the Zack Snyder franchise reboot, Superman: Man of Steel isn't expected until December of 2012, the release will more than likely be closer to that date, in spite of the speculation by ZonaDVD that it may arrive as soon as later this year.