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Best of lists

Following is a collection of our "best of" movie lists. After each list is a link to a discussion panel that will allow you to let us know your favorites or to point out ones we failed to mention.

Blade RunnerOur List of the best movie soundtracks and movie scores of all time.

Blade Runner - One of the most romantic soundtracks out there. While most of the Vangelis pieces remain from the original film score, many new ones were added for the 1994 re-release.

Brokeback MountainGreatest Oscar Snubs of All Time

Following is a list of movies that should have won a Best Picture Oscar but didn't because the Academy was either too shortsighted, or the competition was just too good that year to overcome.


Best Christmas Movies List

Let's revisit some of those Christmas classics. And while we're at it, let's think about adding some new movies to the list as well. Some on the list are more Christmassy than others, and some only feature the magical holiday in a few scenes, but all are sure to put even the grinchiest of grinches in a great cheerful mood.

Oh, and by the way, if your favorite didn't make our list of the Best Christmas Movies, let us know about it in the discussion at the end of the article. Who knows. We may add it to the list.

Here's our list of the best Christmas movies of all time:

List of Best War MoviesIt's not surprising that war has been one of the most frequently occurring subjects of movies throughout cinematic history. After all, man has been waging war since the beginning of time. And fortunately for military movie lovers, Hollywood has always found a profit in the...

Million Dollar Baby

Million Dollar Baby - Tells a story that will truly move your soul and leave a lasting impression. If you go see one movie in 2004, make sure it's this one. You won't be disappointed

(or movies that feature lawyers, courts or the legal system)

To Kill a MockingbirdTo Kill a Mockingbird Tops on any list. Gregory Peck's best performance.

Count OrlockCount Orlok - Phantom of the Night that drinks the blood of his victims. Predecessor to Dracula. First appeared in 1922's Nosferatu.

Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men (1992) - This 1992 drama starring Gary Senise and John Malkovich tops the heap. Guaranteed to bring a grown man to his knees.

The Scariest Movies EverIn 1896, pioneering French filmmaker Georges Méliès set out to scare the bejeebers out of audiences with a short film he called Le Manoir du diable that is often credited as the first horror film. With his "House of the Devil," not only did he...

Best Mob/Mafia Movies

From the Corleones to Tony Montana and the Sopranos, mafia families and mob-tied gangsters have been depicted in the movies for almost as long as movies have been around themselves. 1931's Little Caesar with Edward G. Robinson as Rico, is widely regarded as the birth-giver to the mob/mafia genre which sparked a brief craze for the genre in the 1930's. Ever since, movie lovers have been reveling in the delight of watching heroes and villains battle it out in a mythic playground of good vs. evil.

Below is our list of the best mob/mafia and organized crime movies in no particular order. If you don't find your favorite mafia movie on the list, let us know about it in the comments section following the article.

Shawshank RedemptionThough what specifically makes a movie a "prison movie" might differ from viewer to viewer, for the purpose of this list, a movie is eligible if one of the film's major characters spends some time in the slammer and that jail time is shown in the film. In addition, the film's plot must revolve around that prison time or the attempt to avoid going back to the pokey. Here's the list of what we consider to the best prison movies of all time in no particular order:

Snow White WitchThey're wicked and foul with the stench of 40,000 years. But what would movies be without them? While most are truly quite horrific, others are actually funny. But throughout the many years of cinematic history, one fact has always remained constant about movie villains... we love to hate them.

Pride and PrejudiceFollowing is our list of the most romantic films of all time, in no particular order. All are perfect for enjoying on Valentine's Day. Hopefully we've included your favorite, but if not, no worries. Let us know about it by posting your comments on the Most Romantic Films Ever Message Forum or the Discussion thread at the end of the article. Who knows, you may even convince us to add it to the official list.

Puff Puff PassList of the Best, Funniest, or Most Important Stoner Movies of All Time

Crying GameNo movie seems to stir up contentious debate faster than one with a trick ending the viewer didn't see coming (unless it's one of those ambiguous "make up your own ending" type movies.) I suppose we all like to think we can't be had or that we're seasoned movie veterans who've seen it all. Regardless, Hollywood still manages to get us from time to time, and we've listed them below.

Some are better than others, and many on one person's "best" list will fall squarely at the top of someone else's "worst" list.


From Leone to Ford, the western genre has been a veritable playground for filmmakers displaying their craft in tales of Old West morality and gunslinger justice.

While deciding which particular elements make a western movie truly great is best left up to healthy discourse and late night sports bar discussions, what can\'t be debated are the effects the classic spaghetti westerns and even the modern-day revival westerns have had on movie watchers throughout the years.

Below is our list of the best and greatest western movies of all time. While many of the classic choices can be found on the list, you\'re likely to run across a few that don\'t often appear in typical discussions of best western movies. In compiling our list of best western movies, we considered many factors including longevity, critical acclaim, and popular fan appeal among well-seasoned western movie lovers. in other words, it won\'t be just a long list of John Wayne movies!

If you don\'t find your favorite, be sure to let others know about it in the comments section at the end of the list. Who knows, it may eventually get added.

Animal HouseKnowing exactly the size of the bear trap we're stepping into, we've put together a list of what we consider to be the funniest movies of all time. Sure, we know that what one person would define as utterly hilarious may be found in poor taste by another, or even worse... not funny. But we're doing it anyway. Below is our list of the Funniest Comedy Movies of All Time. If you don't think any of these are funny, or if we left any of the list, let us know about it. Who knows, make a good case and we may add it to the list.

Blair Witch 2

Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (2000) - Its multi-million dollar production values ruined the inventive charm of the original.

The Big Easy

New Orleans is a unique city rich in alluring charm and old-world character, so it should be no surprise that The Crescent City has been the setting for many of Hollywood's best films in history.

Following is a list of the best movies set in New Orleans. Some on the list feature the city more than others, but to be considered, new Orleans must be central to the film's plot, be contained in the movie's title, or must be prominently displayed in the film's cinematography... or whatever other random reason we want to consider.

Oh, and if your favorite doesn't make the list, let us know about it in the discussion threads at the end of the article. Who knows, we may decide to include it.

Don't Look NowFrom Hitchock to Fincher, and Lang to Nolan, Hollywood has been hitting the psychological thriller genre early and often throughout the years.

And why not? After all, It's been one of the most consistent genres for providing unexpected chills and pleasantly fiendish little brain teasers sure to challenge even the most seasoned movie-goers. So it's no wonder Hollywood has found a way to capitalize on the warped and twisted minds of the best filmmakers the industry has to offer.

Following is our list of the best psychological thrillers of all time (in no particular order). Oh, and if your favorite doesn't make the list, let us know about it in the discussion threads at the end of the article. Who knows, we may decide to include it.

How to Survive a Zombie Attack
The Top 10 Zombie Movies You Should Be Watching Instead of Working

Best Zombie MoviesI consider myself a very orderly and organized person and, as a result, I find that very few things in this life frighten me.  I have been like that (you know, calm and prepared) for most of my adult life; however, no amount of preparation could ever quell my fear of zombies.  Yes, zombies.  Grrr.  Even the sheer mention of that foul creature makes me shiver and, as a result, a little angry because of its illogical nature.  Is it irrational?  Totally, but most fears are.

Lawrence of Arabia BiopicHollywood has always found a path to cinematic greatness hidden beneath the often untold stories of real-life people. Whether celebrities, athletes, historical figures or just ordinary folk like you and me, everyone's got a story to tell. And following is a list of the best Biographical movies (biopics) of all time.

Woody Allen Romantic Movies

Skyscrapers and Storytelling:

There’s something about Valentine’s Day that makes me recall the glory of Woody Allen. Let’s forgo any conversation about...

top Horror QueensSome are known for their bloodcurdling screams, others for the way they look so pretty in glistening blood-soaked rags. Still others are most admired for that perfectly timed ankle sprain so severe that falling prey to a pursuing slasher is...

The Coen BrothersWith the release of The Big Lebowski on blu-ray last week and this week’s release of Fargo, Miller’s Crossing, Blood Simple, and Raising Arizona (also on blu-ray), the Coen Brothers are all the rage on HD Forums and TalkBacks everywhere...

Top 10 Robot MoviesSince the beginning of the industrial age, humans have nourished a curious fascination with the possibility that machines might actually be able to emulate human tasks upon command. So, it was only a matter of time before the robot made a creaky appearance on film in 1927 as ...

List of the Worst Movie TitlesFrom artwork, to posters, to advertising and trailers, Hollywood spends millions and millions each year on movie marketing with hopes of coaxing, cajoling, persuading, or even deceiving us into seeing their goofy little movies. And while the best of marketing campaigns ...

Post-apocalypse thrillersEver since images of Fritz Lang's expressionistic epic Metropolis flickered on a wall somewhere in Germany back in 1927, Hollywood has been enamored with visions of what may become of our society in the face of extinction and mass dehumanizaton.

Following is a list of our favorite apocalyptic nightmares in no particular order. Your favorite didn't make the list? Let us know about it in the comments section


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