The novella was published earlier this month by Publish America and quickly sold out of all available copies. A second printing is under way and you can pre-order your copy on Amazon.

In Only When I breathe, Mr. Hays takes us on a haunting, alcohol-fueled, two-day journey through the streets of L.A., complete with strip-clubs, late-night dives and seedy apartments. But it only takes a few pages to realize that we're actually being given a first-hand look into the scarred soul of a man broken by divorce and family loss. But this isn't some little namby-pamby, woe-is-me tale yanking at our heartstrings for hugs and sympathy. In fact, it's harsh, piercing, and sometimes downright crude. But best of all, it feels totally real and honest.

Due to the success of Only When I Breathe, Mr. Hays's second book - which is a collection of short stories - has been picked up for publication. We'll let you know when it becomes available. Stay tuned!

I've read the book and can personally vouch for why it sold out so quickly. It's just a damn good read. No favoritism or house-promotion here... it just is. Don't believe me? Pick up a copy and find out for yourself.